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    I am working with Weaver Xtreme Plus. I have a website I want to copy over to a different domain. I’ve exported and imported the content files. I want to copy the theme and it’s settings to the new domain as well. I thought I could use the save / restore function, but when I try to restore the file into the new domain I receive a messages “?unserialize failed” and “Sorry, there was a problem uploading your file. The file you picked was not a valid Weaver Xtreme theme file.” I’ve tried downloading just the theme settings and also all settings. One file downloads as a .wxb file and the other downloads as a .wxall file.

    I would appreciate any help as I must be missing something in the process.



    Not sure why the file would not be readable, unless it was badly saved, @weaver may have more insight

    What computer OS / browser did you use to save the setting files? Eventually try a different one.

    You may also want to read the (0) paragraph at the link below about cloning your site

    Converting a Weaver II (Pro) or Aspen site to Weaver Xtreme – Weaver Xtreme Guide (weavertheme.com)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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