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    I think this may be a WordPress issue but I thought I’d raise it with you first both to eliminate Xtreme Plus as relevant to this and also to check if there is anything I can do or should do in Xtreme to work round the problem. On my site www1.christmastreefestivals.org I have suddenly lost half the items on the primary menu bar. Moreover in Menu / Manage Location the Primary Navigation keeps losing its assignment to the menu named Top Level, reverting instead each time to – Select a Menu -. Everything was fine until last week when my users added some more menu items. It is quite a large menu: at the top level there are about 10 regions, level 2 about 40 counties and level 3 over 100 towns and cities.

    I can’t see how it’s an issue with conversion to Xtreme because this site was converted several months ago. I’ve read this article which is in response to a similar symptom. If it really is the same issue then my first reaction is one of amazement that given the development of WP over the years there is no sensible trap & error reporting  in the Menu dashboard for this – it just breaks the user menus. One option seems to be to increase the limit of a parameter in php.ini. I’m reluctant to do tamper with such a core file with my limited knowledge – I don’t even know if I have FTP access to this file.
    If it’s possible to be reasonably sure that this is the problem I’m experiencing, can you suggest what menu design I could adopt which would avoid hitting this limit?
    Thank you.,

    This is quite possibly the issue. The same issue can affect Weaver Xtreme as well. As suggested in the article, you should increase the limit to 1000 or more.

    More accurately, unless your hosting environment has an easy to use and clear option page to changes the $_POST limit (including the Suhosin limit if used by your hosting company), then this should be something that you should ask your host support to do for you.

    What is frustrating about this issue is that there really isn’t any way to check for this limit from inside WordPress or a theme – they just disappear.


    Just to let you know my host provider changed the relevant settings to increase the limit, since which time the site seems to be fine. A strange one, I thought you could do anything with software.  🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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