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    Hey all,

    I love the new weaver extreme theme first off. I am having an issue on the site I am working on where the menu is going small then big (text size) when changing between pages. When I am in edit header page and it shows preview it doesn’t seem to be happening. Any ideas on this?
    EDIT: It appears to be fine when I unset the custom values set in Desktop Menu Vertical Padding and Desktop Menu Spacing
    Also, under the Xtreme Plus options whenever I click “Save Social Buttons” – even with no data entered. It appears to go to a page can’t be found page. It’s like when you put bad raw data in a page and wordpress bombs out. I can screenshot this if it helps.
    Thanks for advice in advance!

    Sorry, thet menus on your site work as expected on Firefox and Chrome – didn’t try IE using the link as of the time of this reply.

    Also can’t reproduce any issues with the save social buttons save. It is supposed to return to the same tab. Perhaps a screenshot would help.


    @weaver, this is what I had mentioned a while back but must have slipped through.

    The menu options that change the padding and height are still using .is-desktop instead of an @media rule and that is most likely causing the page load artifact.

    I still see several menus rules in that case in his page

    .is-desktop .menu-primary .wvrx-menu a{padding-top:0.80000em;padding-bottom:0.80000em;}
    .is-desktop .menu-primary .menu-arrows .toggle-submenu:after{top:1.55000em;}
    .is-desktop .menu-primary .wvrx-menu-container li a{padding-right:1.5em;}
    .is-desktop .menu-primary .menu-hover.menu-arrows .has-submenu > a{padding-right:3em;}
    .is-desktop .menu-primary .menu-arrows.menu-hover .toggle-submenu{margin-right:1.5em;}

    and they likely all need to be converted to @media rule to avoid the page loading display artifact.

    @media (min-width:768px) {
    .menu-primary .wvrx-menu a{padding-top:0.80000em;padding-bottom:0.80000em;}
    .menu-primary .menu-arrows .toggle-submenu:after{top:1.55000em;}
    .menu-primary .wvrx-menu-container li a{padding-right:1.5em;}
    .menu-primary .menu-hover.menu-arrows .has-submenu > a{padding-right:3em;}
    .menu-primary .menu-arrows.menu-hover .toggle-submenu{margin-right:1.5em;}

    @techryan if you really need a fix now, do not set the options for Desktop Menu Vertical Padding and Desktop Menu Spacing

    Instead add the @media rule above in Main Options > Fonts & Custom > Custom CSS Rule box

    Please report if that does fix the issue and label the rules to remember to take them off when the issue gets fixed


    scrambler, thanks for this information. The bit of CSS worked well. 

    I have attached a short video of the social buttons error page and replication. Please let me know if there is anything I should test on my end. 

    There is a new version of Plus coming out to go with the latest xtreme 1.1.2 so may be we should revisit the issue after that.

    Or else, the thing to do would be to download ALL your settings from both the save / restore page and the + Xtreme plus Save / restore page, switch to another theme, Delete all weaver theme and plugins, then reinstall the theme, the Theme support plugin and the Pus plugin.

    And of course test deactivating ALL non weaver plugins just in case


    Ok no worries. I’m in no rush. I think it is worth noting that I did upgrade the weaver theme with the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades as recommended in documentation.

     It hasn’t been updated in 10 months so not sure if that would have thrown a wrench in everything but I’m trying to relay as many details as possible. 
    Aside from that 3rd party plugin I only have weaver plugins and I did test with ETPU disabled.
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