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    Yesterday I got through converting a Weaver II site to Xtreme and making all the required manual adjustments. Everything was looking good, then when I checked the site today all the main menu items are doubled up.  This is in Opera where I was using Chrome yesterday. Any idea how to fix this?

    I refreshed the browser window, tried unassigning the main menu as the primary, deactivated the BAW Login/Logout Menu plugin I added to put a login/logout in the main menu… nothing worked.



    Are you using WordPress Custom Menu to create your menu (In Appearance > Menus). If not you should

    If you are, have you gone to Appearance > Menus, selected you menu, and are items doubled up there?

    If they are clean it up there and see if it stick.

    Other things to try are to deactivate ALL non weaver plugins, to see if  it fixes it. If it does reactivate one by one to find the culprit



    The menu is created using Appearance>Menus and the “Create a new menu” link (i.e. a WordPress Custom Menu)

    The Items are not doubled up there. The subsidiary dropdown menu items are not doubled up under the main menu item, though the same dropdown appears under either main item.

    I haven’t added any plugins since yesterday when everything was fine, but I deactivated all non-Weaver plugins and there was no improvement



    try creating a new menu with a few items, and set it as your primary menu, and see if it suffers the same symptom.

    If it does not, try recreating the whole menu in case the original one became corrupted.

    If not a solution, try redoing the latest WordPress update from the dashboard in case something in WordPress became corrupt, as menus are solely done by WordPress.

    You can also search wordpress.org to see if other people have encountered a similar issue



    The theme only styles the menus it is given by the core WordPress menu interface. The theme only displays what is it given. The problem must be somewhere else.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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