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    Somehow in version 6.3.0 menus’s behaves differently in Firefox and Chrome.
    In Firefox they show correctly, but in Chrome they assume the behavior of links which means that they follow that color scheme.

    So in Firefox the menu will show as white in the menubar and gray/black in the dropdown while in Chrome the menu will show blue (red on hover) and gray/black in the menu.

    Must be a CSS issue I guess.



    Please provide a link to the site so we might be able to provide an answer.

    But the first thing ti suspect might be a caching issue – either browser specific, or something on the site.


    Hi  there,

    And thanks for replying. I attempted to include screenshots, but couldn’t paste them in.
    Anyway the site will provide a better documentation, so here it is: http://lilleroed.wp.bridge.dk/

    This site is a multisite setup in case that has any importance.

    I guess it could be cache, but several independent users of the site have reported the same. I couldn’t confirm until it dawned on me that it could be browser dependent.

    Just say – I will do whatever I can to assist.



    The menus on your site looks exactly the same on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari when I visit it. I don’t know what may have been causing different colors for you other than caching. Did the different colors correspond to previous menu color settings?


    I do not think the colors you’ve picked for the top and bottom menu bar text are ideal. I find the Dark Blue on a Dark Gray background very hard to read, and the Dark Red hover color as well. I think making the background lighter would help.

    You should get https:// working as soon as possible.

    You should define your own Favicon (instead of the default WordPress W) as well.


    Yes, I can see the issue in Edge

    The menus are dark blue on dark grey (unreadable), which is the Wrapper Link CSS and NOT the menu CSS.

    Make sure you are not using any Optimization plugin, these are notable to break the theme CSS and JS in unpredictable way. If you do, deactivate them, or make sure you can exclude all weaver files as they are already optimized.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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