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    I have the second menu bar over the primary menu bar… I dont know if this is normal?

    How can I change the order? Move to top is not checked, i like to have the menu bars under the picture.


    .. the second question:

    I see the “Replacement Menus” option only in sites, not in posts. Not possible to change menus in posts or have I forgotten to put a tick somewhere?



    See: Appearance > Customize > Menus

    See: Primary Menu Bar & Secondary Menu Bar

    You can change the locations of the Menu Bars and their features there.

    Be sure to set: Admin Options > Set Options Level & Interface = Full



    The Replacement Menus options does in fact only work with Pages.

    One of the differences is that Posts normally only appear on a special “pages” – blog, single post, search results, and others. I can’t even think of any way to make the Replacement Menus option work with posts.

    But you can show posts by creating a Page with Posts page, and set the filters to show the posts you want. The replacement menu option should work on a Page with Posts.


    To show the posts, I use in fact a Page with Posts. But if you go then to the post, you can see the wrong menu.

    No workaround to fix this?


    No – when you go to the post, it uses the single post “page”, which can’t be controlled for menus.


    If the menu you want on single post page is the same for all posts and if you have the Plus plugin, you could do something like

    Add the menu in one of the insertion areas using the Extra menu shortcode

    Then use CSS to hide that menu on all pages.

    Then add CSS to unhide it on single post pages

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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