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    I am having a difficult time trying to remember how to give the home page a different menu bar than all of the other pages on the website.

    I have created 2 menus.

    1. Main Menu (which I want everywhere but the home page, and is set up to use the Extra Menu options)

    2. Home Page Menu Bar – Transparent (Which I only want on the home page, and is using the Secondary Menu Bar options)

    Can anyone assist me with this? I have tried several different ways. I am using Xtreme Plus.



    I am not 100% clear on what exactly you are doing, but we can review the basics.

    1. Each page can show two menus, the primary and the secondary (there is actually a third one, the header mini menu, but lets us skip that for now).
    2. Eventually, using CSS, either of these could be hidden or made visible on any specific page.
    3. If you have the Xtreme Plus plugin, you have the ability to replace the custom menu used for each of these two menus on a page by page basis.
    4. You can insert extra menus anywhere and use the Hide_if or Show_if shortcode to only make them visible on certain pages.

    So the element we are missing is the location and style of the menu for the home page and the others.

    If the location and style are the same, just different menu items, then you can simply use the Xtreme Plus options in each page to specify which custom menu should show up in the menu bar.

    If the location and style is going to be different for the home page and the rest of the pages, you could use the primary menu for all the pages and the secondary menu for the home page. We would hide the primary menu on the home page and only make the secondary visible on the home page.

    Alternatively, and more efficiently, if the positioning where you want it is better done using extra menu, you can just add the extra menus shortcode in the area of your choice, and use the show_if hide_if to have them show up where they need to.

    Given you home page as the page id #2, it would look like

    [show_if post_id=2] extra menu shortcode for the home page [/show_if]

    [hide_if post_id=2] extra menu shortcode for the other pages [/hide_if]



    I actually got it figured out. I was using the header widget area for the set up.. So I moved all my widget shortcodes over to the HTML Insertion area, and was able to Hide On Front Pahe, and Hide On Sub Pages.

    Thank you for the assistance!!


    If you can use different areas for the extra menu, that is indeed another way to do it 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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