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    I am investigating to convert a website from Weaver II Pro to Weaver Xtreme.

    I use as a test the website louismulder.nl

    I have the blogpage set to display full posts in masonry 3 columns like I have on my to be converted site ( missbaxels.nl )

    If I look in mobile view the posts are displayed in 2 columns, in weaver II Pro I see one column displayed as I like to have.

    If I don’t use masonry but just 3 column view then the mobile view shows one column.

    I have investigated all the setting very thoroughly but I don’t know how to get mobile view in one column with the masonry setting.

    Please advise


    Wim Bax


    It seems the default is 2 columns on mobile in Xtreme, @weaver can confirm.

    that said, it is easily changed with Custom CSS.

    If you wish to have 1 column on either phone or both phone and small tablet, you can add the following CSS rule to the theme Global Custom CSS rule box

    .is-mobile .blog-post-cols-3 {width:97%;}

    To only do it on phones

    .is-phone .blog-post-cols-3 {width:97%;}

    If only on a specific page add  .page-id-xxx at the beginning, attached to the mobile class



    Thanks I added the is.phone css and it worked, in my view this should be the standard like in Weaver II Pro.


    Wim Bax

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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