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    Website: https://family-tymes.com/

    I already searched “The Guide” & I searched this “Forum” but can’t find the answers that I need.

    I have the main menu set up so the links open in new tabs. I thought I did something wrong at first since they didn’t open in new tabs. So I deleted the menu & started all over again. But the menu didn’t go away & they still aren’t opening in new tabs. What am I don’t wrong? Or what do I need to do differently so they open in new tabs?

    On the same main menu the “Privacy Policy” & the “Terms & Conditions” pages should not be there. I didn’t add them to my menu. They automatically were placed there. I cannot seem to get rid of them. Even after I deleted the menu & started all over again. I already have links to them on the right sidebar. How do I delete them from the main menu?


    Now I have another problem:

    The individual widget titles are not the same size. Even though I set them up to all be a medium font size. Any suggestions? It’s really bugging me!

    There’s also some odd spacing going on with them. If you look at the space between the “Family Tymes” image & the “Follow Us!” widget there’s a lot of space there. Same goes for the spacing between the “Follow Us!” widget & the “Please Visit our Other Websites”. But then there’s very little space between the “Please visit our Other Websites” & the “Additional Links” widget. I can’t figure out how to fix them? Any suggestions?


    Menu wise, Have you created a Custom Menu, AND Have you allocated that menu to either primary or secondary menu.

    It sounds like you may have forgotten to allocate the custom menu to the primary menu.

    For the widget titles, they come from different widgets that are using different classes. The first two come from blocks and are styled by h2 and have the class widgettitle. The third one is an h3 with the class widget-title

    To make the first two the same medium size and margins as the third, you can either change the h2 globally with the Custom CSS rule below (placed in the theme global custom CSS rule box)

    h2 {font-size:1.5em;margin:0 0 .1em 0}

    Or only the h2 in a widget with

    .widget h2 {font-size:1.5em;margin:0 0 .1em 0}

    The reason for the extra space below the Family Tymes image is the white space in the image, cut the image to fix that


    Feel like I’m too dumb sometimes @scrambler. You were correct about the menu. I forgot to allocate it to the primary menu. Once I did that then all was as it should be!

    I added the first CSS to my site but the spacing is still off. Or maybe it just looks that way because of all of the maroon colors (owner’s choice) blending together? It appears to me that there’s more space between the title of the first widget & the content of that widget. Than there is between the title of the second widget & the content of that widget. Does it look the same to you?

    I did trim the “Family Tymes” image down a bit. But the space below it is still too far apart from the next widget. I can’t trim the image down any more. It will cut that image off at the bottom of it. How do I decrease some of the “white space” below that image & above the next widget?

    And how can I get the widget titles centered? I don’t see that as an option in the Weaver Xtreme Sidebars & Layouts.


    The distance between title and content is now the same.

    You can reduce the space under the image with the rule below

    .wp-block-image {margin:0;}

    To center the widget title add the rule below

    h2.widgettitle, h3.widget-title {text-align:center;}


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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