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    Hi, I have made the switch. Lots to learn here about this new plugin. 

    Which of these weaver II to Xtreme Plus Plugins can I now delete? 
    It looks like the only one I should disable is Weaver II to Weaver Extreme. Weaver II is already disabled.
    that leaves me with: 
    Weaver show Posts
    Weaver shortcode compatibility
    Weaver xtreme Plus
    Weaver xtreme Theme Support

    All the above are required

    • Weaver show Posts  is what allows you to use show_posts shortcode to display post in any area outside of page with posts
    • Weaver shortcode compatibility  This is what makes sure that shortcode you used in weaver II are converted to their equivalent in Xtreme. If you would manually go through all your shortcodes and change them to the new one available in Xtreme you could get rid of that one. Or else leave it in
    • Weaver xtreme Plus This is your advanced Options plugin that you paid for, so critical
    • Weaver xtreme Theme Support  This is the plugin that provides you with all the basic features of plus, so critical too
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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