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    Brian R K

    Hi, hope someone is able to help.

    I started using Weaver Xtreme approximately 4 years and in setting it up I must have clicked on something that caused the text in the ‘Search Box’ to be recorded as white, on a white background.  If I type a search term (accurately as I can’t see the result of what I’m typing) it will identify the appropriate pages.  This wasn’t a trouble initially as the number of pages on the website was very limited.  Now that the website is much larger, having a ‘working’ search box is becoming more important.

    The website is http://www.downleyhistory.uk.  I have checked and I am using the latest version of WP, and the Weaver theme (which I have childified’) is version 5.  I’m hoping that this can be corrected without the need for CSS insertions.


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    There are theme options for the search boxes Background and text, just look them up 🙂

    Legacy admin: Main options > Content Areas > Search Boxes > Search Input text

    Customize (in Where mode) > Content Areas > Search boxes > Search Input text


    Brian R K

    Thanks ‘scrambler’,

    It was a long time since I played around with the style and had forgotten just what it can do if you know the correct terminology such as ‘search box’!

    Thanks again, much appreciated

    Take care

    brian k

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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