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    Hi, I’ve been using this theme for a few months without glitch, however today I saved a simple change in Theme Options and all of my settings were suddenly lost – all colours, font types etc.  Does anybody know what might have caused this?  Unfortunately I hadn’t backed-up since making some significant changes to the site so I’m working my way through putting it right, but could do without this happening again?  Has this happened to anybody else today?  Thank you, Jen


    Sorry for your trouble, although this was probably the unfortunate experience you needed to set you on proper backups habits.

    Three place to do backups systematically after working on the site.

    Save / Restore page click Save settings to create a backup in the database that can be restored directly from there

    Save / Restore > Download ALL settings, to have a local copy.

    If you have Plus, + Xteme Plus > Save / Restore > Download Save  ALL settings.

    That being said, your Host provider should also make daily backups, and so you should be able to have them restore the last one before the incident

    As for your actual issue, nobody has reported anything like that so far. You may want to try and think if there was anything else you did and @weaver may have more feedback.


    I use Mozilla Firefox. I opened several tabs and used different weaver’s admin pages. In one tab I changed something and in the other tab I saw result. Then I changed something in another tab I also saw result but first one disapeared. 


    This is normal.

    NEVER work on several admin pages at the same time, this is a recipe for disaster.

    WordPress does not handle that well, and you will loose settings.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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