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    This may be a WordPress question rather than a Weaver Xtreme question, but you folks have been so good in the past …

    Here’s the deal: The site SabbathIssues.org  displayed just fine the last time I checked before updating the database software on the server from an old version. (I shall keep things up-to-date from now on!)

    Edit: I admittedly ignored that site for a long time. So it may be a theme  issue, rather than a database issue, in that the site was set to use the weaver-ii-pro template. I recently deleted a plugin for the paid version because I didn’t think I was using it anywhere …

    It is a sub-blog of SabbathSchoolNet

    The connection to a Weaver child theme seems to be completely broken, and it is positively ugly. Specifically, all the images are disconnected. I checked via FTP, and to my great relief, the images are still there in directory under
    Fortunately the posts still seem to be there.

    I just checked the settings on this site, and the upload path is set to the correct directory as indicated above.

    The same disconnect happened to another sub-blog.

    However, a third sub-blog, which I used as a mirror site for a while shows up fine:
    The image files are found in ssnet.org/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/15/files/

    Further Info: When I switch to the Weaver Xtreme theme, the site looks marginally better, but the Media Library files come up with blank images but descriptions intact.

    Can you suggest how I should go about fixing the disconnect in the sub-blogs?


    If I go to the main site where the header image does not show up, when I inspect the image it is using the path below


    Going to that path returns the error

    Access to this resource on the server is denied!

    So you may have a server permission configuration issue


    Thanks much! I’ll look into it.


    Okay, so I looked into permissions on CPanel, and everything looks good there. The blog without images has the same permissions as the one that functions fine – namely 7, 5,5. But then, I notice, since that is a mirror site, it seems to pull the image data from the main site.  Here’s an image of what the permissions look like, as viewed through CPanel.

    Is there anywhere else I should look?

    However, I attempted to upload the image to SabbathIssues.org
    but was unable to do so.  File upload limit showed up as 2M. The file is only 54Kb

    Otoh, I haven’t been able to find a place to effectively change the file upload limit. I modified everything that seemed relevant in Multisite settings, but it made no difference.

    I checked the network settings, and the max upload file size is 8000 Kb (or 8 M)

    But that may be a rabbit trail anyway. Here’s what my Image Library looks like:

    The main difference between the sites that work and the ones that don’t seems to be that the non-working sites were set to use an old weaver theme.


    This is really a hosting and WordPress issue, I suggest you ask for help with your host provider, they will be better placed to help.


    Thanks. I’m just hoping they don’t tell me it’s a theme issue, because all the sites *except* the ones with an old weaver theme work.


    Keep us posted, A server access denial, is unlikely a Theme issue.

    That said and regarding the theme, you really need to consider upgrading to Xtreme, because Weaver II is extremely obsolete….


    My other sites are upgraded to Weave Xtreme, and they work fine. It’s these two with the old theme that have the problem.

    It originally took quite a bit of work for me to upgrade my more important sites to Xtreme and function the way I wanted them to (and the way they did with the original Weaver Pro theme) , and I think you helped quite a bit with that.

    The sites that aren’t working (and were still set to the old theme) weren’t that high on my priority list, and they were actually working fine until not so long ago. That’s why I didn’t get around to upgrading. I’m not sure when the disconnect happened. I have not seen a “server access denial.” (It’s just that nothing happened when I tried to upload image files on those sites. My other sites are on the same server, and the non-working sites are sub-sites of a working one.) It just seems that some settings were misplaced somewhere along the way. 😒 I wonder if deleting the plugin for the original theme caused the problem? I did that just recently, and there’s no way to get it back because it’s no longer listed on WordPress. Switching to Weaver Xtreme does nothing for the image disconnect though …


    I gave you an example of the image URL that does not show up.

    When you click on the Image URL, you will get the 403 error Forbidden, Access to this resource on the server is denied!

    This explains why the image does not show up.

    Provide this information to your Host provider, and ask them why you are getting this error on the URL of the images that are used on your site.

    They should be able to explain why that is and therefore point to a solution


    Ah, okay, thanks. I didn’t make the connection.

    Thank you for your patience!!

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