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    sorry for all that code, it’s on day and time now.



    sorry for all the code. It’s on day and time now.



    “Post name” is most standard.

    There is no guarantee this will help, but the fact you did have some recover might help.

    Also – if you open the dashboard and look a the Post and Pages, does it show a bunch of pages or posts, or just the two you can see.

    If it only shows the 2, then there is no point trying the permalinks save – they just aren’t there.



    Thank you for trying to help; they just aren’t there. I will rebuild it, using the web.archive.org. OMG.



    Just click on Save Changes.

    I personally use the Post Name option.

    Sorry — I have cross posted.



    Once you get your site restored, you need to set up a backup routine.

    I use WP Time Capsule – https://wptimecapsule.com/

    The free version will probably do everything you want, and the backups happen automatically.  The first time it runs, it backs up your entire site (including database) – may take 24 to 48 hours, depending on how much data you have.  For subsequent backups, the backups are incremental and only take a few minutes to run. You can also set it up to automatically update your plugins.  You can restore single files, the whole site, or anything in between, at any time.

    It saved my sanity late last year when a website that was being hosted pro bono for me was removed – unknown to me, the man doing the hosting passed away, and all his sites (including mine) were wiped. I arranged new hosting and using WP Time Capsule I had the whole site restored and back live within a couple of days.



    Thank you, Maureen, for all your help and sticking with me on this.



    Wow. Thank you. I will use it, starting NOW. This will be a long process and a hard lesson learned. That site was one of my jewels, and got many kudos for the information it provided and it’s clean look. So much went into it. I hope I can rebuild and do that last one justice. Say a prayer for me!! Thanks again.

Viewing 8 posts - 17 through 24 (of 24 total)

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