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    I’m looking for a consultant/developer who can help me migrate a large site from Weaver Pro II to Weaver Xtreme Pro. This is a large, active literary magazine site with over 200 pages and nearly 1500 posts (and continually growing), so the timing would be tricky even with a clone of the site at a different location because content is added frequently.

    I am the webmaster and I built the site myself in 2013, but I’m not a tech person and I’m wary about doing this huge project myself. I have migrated smaller sites from Weaver II Pro to Xtreme Pro, but I don’t feel confident to do this myself. I have grant support to pay for help.

    If you are a Weaver Pro/Xtreme expert and feel you would be interested in this job, please contact me with you credentials and rate.

    You can reach me via the forum or at [email protected].

    Thanks in advance!




    Any takers? This would be a paid job.




    What is your required timescale for this? I may be able to assist depending on when you need it done.

    However you may find that the job isn’t quite as daunting as you think – the size of the site is causing you concern but it is really only the same process you have been through with smaller sites.

    If you can duplicate the site to a sub folder or alternative server you can then go through the weaver xtreme conversion at your leisure.

    Make sure you have resolved all issues and you are happy with the dev site before even thinking about transferring the conversion over to the live site.

    I have found that the theme aspect of the conversion is pretty straight forward, what will possibly present a few issues is if your pages/posts contain settings, shortcodes etc that don’t get converted fully. Then you need to work through those pages one at a time to fix them, obviously with a large site this can be time consuming.

    If you are lucky the above doesn’t present you with lots of problems, then the process becomes somewhat easier, so based on that scenario:

    Consider using a coming soon/maintenance plugin on the live site to hide what you are doing and accept that there will inevitably have to be some down time.

    • export your xtreme settings from the dev site
    • make a note of anything you will need to fix on the live site based on what you have already done on the dev site
    • changing to a new theme usually causes header image and widgets to get mixed up but your notes will prepare you for that
    • set up a maintenance plugin on your live site so that visitors see a landing page while you are swapping themes
    • install and activate weaver xtreme and plugins
    • import the above settings file
    • check and fix
    • deactivate the maintenance plugin

    In some respects you will repeat some of the work with this method but you don’t have to worry about any new content that has been added to the live site while you were working on the dev site, you are only installing the new theme and plugins then uploading a settings file.



    If you have used Weaver II Shortcodes, then https://wordpress.org/plugins/weaver-themes-shortcode-compatibility/ can help with that issue.

    Any other non-Weaver plugin should not change any functionality.

    And IF you created a lot of Custom CSS or CSS+ code, there can be issues. BUT, remember that one underlying design feature of WordPress is that almost all of your content is theme independent.

    The oter main place you can run into issues with Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme conversion are Per Page and Per Posts options. If you have a lot of these, then the technique of getting the layout fixed for the theme settings file as described by @thesurge doesn’t completely apply. Part of the conversion tool creates a new set of Per Page/Post settings for those pages/posts with settings. On the other hand, that is really a separate step, and could mostly be repeated on the live site after you’ve got a new theme settings file saved.

    And finally, don’t feel totally compelled to duplicate your old site’s design 100%. Every web site deserves a re-think with some refresh every year or two. So use this opportunity to used some of the more modern layout features offered by Weaver Xtreme, especially the full width, no-sidebar layouts that are all the rage now. (You don’t need to stop ALL pages from having sidebars, but a sidebar-less home page seems almost essential these days for many sites. I think that is less true for technical or help sites like this forum which really benefits from a sidebar).



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