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    There are lots of host companies
    out there.
      This is what I currently
    paying $15.99 have 10 Domains 250 email addresses, 3000 GB bandwidth.
      I do not run a very active store and host
    view video most would be You tube anyway. But due to security protocols they have I cannot activate Weaver Pro licenses.

    I’m happy with what I have until
    they updated their security now I cannot get my licensing for Weaver products to work
      They trouble shot the problem
    and came up with “
    regarding your WordPress-related issue. It has been
    determined that the connection is being blocked due to security reasons, as the
    plug-in is pointing at the third-party servers.

    Why I’m asking this forum is
    there are a ton of hosts out there.
    I change I want to have one that people with Weaver Xtreme Plug-in is installed
    and does not have licensing issues.
    When I first purchased Weaver Xtreme Plug-in it worked fine it has just
    been sense Oct 2016 that thing have stopped working correctly. So please limit
    your suggestions to shared domain hosts that the licensing has worked in the
    last 5 months.
      Or that you know will
    accept 3
    rd party server.  Wordprss.org recommends 4 sites but Siteground is the only one that comes close to what I currently have for the price. 


    Look into BlueHost.com. There may or may not be better, but I’ve been using them for longer than any other host I’ve used before – probably going on 5 or 6 years now.

    Their rates are MUCH less than what you quoted – like just $5 or $6 for unlimited  domains. Don’t know about e-mail for sure, but they can provide it. I generally don’t use their e-mail servers, but rather use forwarders to a gmail.com account which has much better spam filtering than can be provided by hosting companies.

    Now that I see your e-mail, I’m guessing that perhaps the issue is that the Weaver Xtreme Plus updater currently has been using an http:// protocol instead of https://.

    The next update will switch to https://, which may solve the issue. You can always login to the shop.weavertheme.com account, and download the latest version and do a manual install. I’m not sure when the version with https:// will be released – yours is the first report of any issues with that, and of course there’s no guarantee that the change will meet whatever restrictions they’ve added.


    I’m an “enthusiast” shared host subscriber and is not professionally depending on the site, but I have used Hostgator Hatchlings, Baby and Business Shared host services since 2008.

    Maybe your’e looking for dedicated solutions, but if shared hosting is sufficient I would suggest try out one of Hostgators’ packages as they have a campaign now

    Their “unlimiteds” in data and email accounts is somewhat restricted as the servers’ CPU and RAM is shared, and it used to be a limit for site backup when exceeding 20 000 inodes (can’t translate it to actual number of files – but that what it is, a number of max files roof).

    Have nothing to say anything about the bandwidth that also could be limited on shared hosts, as my sites has been for developing and never under any heavy duty traffic – maybe others can tell?

    I had a pair of sites on Bluehost subscriptions for some years and had many issues with their security functions – maybe it was a period of “disruptive” improvement – but I don’t like their support and it took several years to stop my domain auto renewals that I had begged for help with in countless emails after closing my accounts. (I finally found my lost password deep in a drawer – so the Blue Host non-support didn’t help that time either).

    That has never happened with Hostgator, and it has been no problem bypassing the ticket system requiring login – contacting support by email has resolved all such issues – every time!

    Hostgator has always been very helpful in all kind of ways, despite all my stupid newbee mess ups I do when I try to get a site up and running in sporadic periods.

    Generally I’ve experienced Hostgator to be pretty “open” – a Pro if you want to be free messing up your own trial and error explorations, perhaps a Con if you need strict security and require specific support for your application(s). It feels like it’s up to you to take responsibility knowing what you’re doing.

    Once you chosen a CMS I guess it’s a choice whether you put your money on the hosting company if they are dedicated to that CMS, or on the plugin & themes developers.

    IMO Hostgator is a very cost effective frame with a lot of basic tools if you don’t want – or can afford – someone else to do it all for you.

    It is still amazing they ship so much to you for that ridiculous low price, and still giving hours of support to do all they can to help you out with your issues.

    Hostgator Business account 3yr subscription 214.20$ / 1yr Sitelock 19.95$ / 1 yr Back up 19.95$ / 1 yr https:// 19.95$ – Total 274.09$

    That’s 7.61 $ per month. I’m a smoker and I have to pay 7$ for a package Marlboro light – per DAY! for that pleasure.

    Hope this was any useful input for you.

    Kind regards, Martin


    I was with Hostgator for 5 years. When I first signed up everything was included but now they’ve taken it back to the bare bones and you have to pay for the addons which were originally included. And if you’re looking for fast service, forget it!! Sometimes waited 30 or 40 mins just for the live chat to start and then they had to fix the problem.

    So I’ve just signed up with Siteground and so far no complaints. I moved to Siteground because of the https situation. Friend of mine with another company had to pay up to nearly $800 for his sites to show https. Siteground have a Lets Encrypt option in their cpanel for free. They’re situated in Bulgaria but don’t let that put you off, they have servers in London, Amsterdam, Chicago and Singapore (I’m in Australia) and a main office in London.

    I’ve called the toll free number a few times for help with installation and within 2 mins I’m connected to a customer service person in Bulgaria – friendly and helpful. Check them out Siteground, they’re worth a look, good luck with it all



    I have been quite happy with the reliability/uptime and support from JaguarPC.  I behave as a reseller, in that I host about 8 sites, but I am on their “standard” plan, and only pay about $80/year.  Have tried about 6 others over the years…this is the first one I have had no complaints with.  https://www.jaguarpc.com/web-hosting-service/https://www.jaguarpc.com/web-hosting-service/

    Good luck!


    BTW – my word of advice is to never purchase your domain name from your host.  I prefer to keep those two separate.

    I buy all my domains from cleverdot.com – they are no frills, but get the job done.  Might be others that are cheaper now…but I value having all my domains in one place to manage.

    I have had two bad experiences where my host had me over a barrel because of them effectively “controlling” my domain name.  One even let it expire and it was bought by someone else, because they failed to put my name and contact info on ANY of the registration fields so I never got notifications that it was expiring.



    Agree with you Deborah that Hostgator have narrowed down and are changing their services, and you may have to wait a good half hour in the support limbo.

    If you have customers barking at the phone not tolerating slightest down time I understand it must be critical getting support in minutes from your supplier.

    But I understood from gilohatfield that his business wasn’t that intense and the issue was lack of functionality, in what seem as a relative expensive subscription (assuming it was a monthly fee?).

    Looked at Siteground (have seen it before) and have to add another reason for selecting one of the “unlimited” guys (disk space, databases, emails, domains), and not a provider with limited disk space like Siteground.

    Hostgator has beside web building tools also given me very cheap cloud space for many years, when each and every ISP and software provider has been trying to sell cloud space for very high prices compared with the cost for couple of Filezilla clients using SFTP and an Hostgator “unlimited” subscription.

    OK, this was not what gilohatfield asked for but it might be a considerable reason comparing the cost for cloud space on ISPs, Acronis, Drop box etc. with an “unlimited” host like Hostgator – in addition to all the other stuff they deliver.
    Kind regards, Martin


    Hey Martin, I appreciate your comment. I’m just a one woman band at present, with 2 domains and a subdomain so space isn’t an issue. Response time is however, and Hostgator response time (up to 55 mins + sometimes) wasn’t working for me. Patience isn’t one of my current virtues, although I’m working on it!

    On the other hand, Siteground are quick, helpful, and friendly. I like that. That, I’ll pay for 🙂

    Cheers, Deb



    I am likely late to the game however I will chime in. I have used Dathorn. com for over 14 years now. Amazing support usually within 10 minutes. might be a tad more $$ than you are currently paying however Dathorn is on the job always. Andrew is a good guy willing to help  anytime.. !!


    Try 3 Aliens Web Hosting https://3alienswebhosting.com/

    They are a small company with a Big Dual Core server. and SSD Drives.

    they have only a few Clients and Do not advertise. its word of mouth

    The owner has his WordPress Sites on it. and 4 other clients


    This is an old thread…

    After many years of excellent service, I had EXTREME problems with bluehost.com about a year ago. My sites were down for over a week, and I got no help or response from them.

    I have switched to https://siteground.com, and have found all of my sites run much faster, and I have gotten great support when needed, which has not been often.



    While this is an old thread, I have had experiences with the following over the last 20 years:

    Site Ground – does not supply a full c panel and has proprietary WordPress Plugins for “features” that cause issues if you move. $3.69 a month and up.

    Blue Host – really poor support, and extensive outages, and poor security (sites get hacked) -Also TOS are extreme – stay away!

    Host Gator – poor support, slow response times, wordpress hosting starts at $5.95 a month

    Host Centric, AISO (solar powered office), Dream host and others – fair support if you can reach them. Over the years I had poor experience with them all…

    I found Green Geeks greengeeks.com to have great support, full c-panel, fast SSD based servers, (faster by far than siteground servers), they have multi homed hosting around the planet, instant chat and support lines for 24 / 7 phone calls, email support is responsive, and WordPress sites start at $2.95 a month. Green Geeks is purchasing Solar RECs to offset 3 times their energy usage. I have over 60 sites with them as a reseller and another 25 clients with their own sites. They offer free migrations of entire sites, and services like email. They offer an affiliate program and it actually pay out.

    Anyone can have a bad experience with just about any host, but after more than 30 years in this business, I find that Green Geeks is tops, for me and my clients. And if there is a TOS issue, rather than terminate your site, they reach out first.

    I do have an affiliate account, and I can assist with migration, PM me if interested. (Hope that’s ok to say…)

    Yes – I agree that the all-in-one-migration plugin works well.

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