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    I wanted to create a slider with links to a different page from each of the images in the slider. The page would then be a ‘posts in page’ format. However, pages do not appear to have a ‘defined excerpt’ that can be used in the filter for the slider.

    The only way I’ve found to do something like this is to create a post instead of a page, which allows me to create a filter that uses the ‘defined excerpt’ (a captioned image code) as the input to the slider and that image then links directly to the post. Click the Museums image in the slider on http://newcgaca.gorgeculture.org/

    Unfortunately, the post then displays with the default header (parallax defined to be 550 px tall) which pushes the post off the bottom of the screen (the subject of a separate discussion).

    So, is there a way to  define an Excerpt for a page and then create a pages filter that can be used in a slider definition? 


    You have to use posts for that, either regular of Xtreme slider posts.

    The size of the header can be changed for these posts, but I suppose your other thread addresses that, if not let me know and we can work on CSS to change the parallax header height on these posts.


    One thing fixed (the header question) and something else breaks or doesn’t work right. For awhile a slider using a show_posts filter was able to generate a carousel of 4 images that linked to their respective posts. But somewhere along the way to working out the parallax and random header issues it’s doing some very strange things. This test post (http://newcgaca.gorgeculture.org/testpost/) shows what what the result looks like now and briefly what I tried in creating it.

    The following provides as much detail as I can describe. I hope you can help figure out what’s going on because I’ve looked at all the posts and filters and sliders and can’t see anything that would cause what’s happening.

    • I created a “category” post (eg. http://newcgaca.gorgeculture.org/museumcat/) for each of the 4 categories I wanted to link to above.
      • In the Description for each post I put a filter shortcode (eg. show_posts category_name=museum orderby=rand posts_per_page=-1 show=full hide_bottom_info=true hide_featured_image=true hide_top_info=true ) that would display each of the posts in that category (posts in post),
      • and I put html in the Excerpt with a centered medium image that links to that category post ( Museums)
    • I created a CategorySlides Filter to pull each of those 4 category posts (eg. show_posts category_name=categorylinks show=excerpt hide_bottom_info=true hide_top_info=true)
    • I created a CategorySlider Slider to display the Filter as a carousel.
    • I added the CategorySlider shortcode to a post and it draws only 1 of the category posts and seems to draw random posts and images in place of the other three “category” posts.
    • So I also added the ShowPosts shortcode (show_posts category_name=categorylinks show=excerpt hide_bottom_info=true hide_top_info=true) to the test post and I get 2 of the category post Excerpt sections and the full category post results presumably for the other two. http://newcgaca.gorgeculture.org/testpost/
    • I finally created a Weaver Slider Post with the four category images in a gallery, then created a <em style=”font-size: 1em;”>catslider slider and added it to the top of the test post. It looks like the carousel display I’m looking for, but the images only link to their media library images, not to the category posts I want them to link to.

    It’s still weird when I try filling a 4 cell table with show_post shortcodes for each of the “category” posts (eg., show_posts category_name=museum orderby=rand posts_per_page=-1 show=full hide_bottom_info=true hide_featured_image=true hide_top_info=true)



    You keep saying it is doing strange things or weird, but you are not actually saying what that is, please details

    You say the images link to their image page instead of the post, this probably means the slider is set to display as image instead of as post.

    You way want to rewind and start by explaining what it is exactly you are trying to do. If the goal is to create an image slider where each image links to a specific URL, here is a method that works that I made a while back during weaver II pro days but remains valid

    • Creating a slider of images that have links to pages other than the image file or attachment page.

    There is no way to define a link to custom URL as a setting for the image (if you go to the media library and click edit on an image, there is no such setting), therefore that setting cannot exist in a gallery (that I know of).

    And so to achieve what you want, the way to do it is either

    1. A) Use a series of regular posts in which you insert a single image with a link to a custom URL
    2. B) Use a series of slider posts in a specific group with each one also just containing a single image with a link to a custom URL.
    3. A) Basic outline principle using regular posts
    • Create a new category of posts called slider1.
    • Create posts in that category.
    • For each post, insert one image, as you insert the image, choose link to Custom URL and fill in the URL, or you can just insert the image, then switch the content editor to TEXT and change the link the code of the image tag.
    • Once you have created a number of posts all in the slider1 category, create a filter that selects all posts in that category.
    • Then create a slider that uses that filter.
    1. B) More detailed step by step using Slider Posts

    You will create your images as Slider posts (the new post type added by the plugin)

    First create a new Slider group (like links-group)

    In each post new posts created do the following.

    • Click Add media to add your image, select full size, center, custom URL, give the link
    • Select the slider group created above for that post.
    • Publish

    Once all the image post have been created all in the same slider group (ie links-group) go to ATW Post/Slider > Filter page

    Create a new filter Let us say links-filter and in that filter select the following options:

    • Hide post btitle / Hide Top & Bottom post meta info
    • In display Post as, select Full posts
    • In post types, select atw_slider_post and add it, This will show post_type=atw_slider_post in the box
    • In Slider Group, select your group (ie links-group) and add it. This will show atw_slider_group=links-group
    • Save the filter options make sure they all show up at the top.

    Then Create the slider (like links-slider)

    • In SLider Content select Show Slider as post
    • In SLider Filter select your filter name (ie links-filter)
    • Save the slider options.

    Then create a test page, and in the content area click Add Show Sliders and select your slider (is links-slider)

    Publish the page and check that your slider is working.

    If it does, it will probably have extra space you want to get rid of.

    If you have the pro version of the slider plugin, then towards the bottom of the Slider option page, you have a “Per Slider custom CSS” Box , and you can put any of the rules there to remove uneeded padding and margins

    .this-slider .slide-content .entry-content {padding-top:0px !important;}

    .this-slider .slide-content .atw_slider_post {padding-top:0px !important;margin-bottom:0px !important;}

    .this-slider .slide-post {margin-top:0px !important;margin-bottom:0px !important;}

    .this-slider .atw_slider_post img {margin-bottom:0px !important;}

    .this-slider .atw_slider_post p {margin-bottom:0px !important;}





    Sorry, I guess you didn’t see the discussion post just before the one you’ve responded to (I probably should have edited the prior post but I didn’t get back to it before the Edit option expired).

    If you look at that prior discussion post you’ll see that I did exactly what you suggest, except that I created a series of 4 regular posts (with “posts in post” filters), not the slider posts as you suggest. Then I built a filter to capture all 4 and a slider to display them. The filter appears to be the problem here, it’s not picking up the posts themselves, but rather the  “post in post” processed result for a couple of the regular posts.

    Now I’ve also tried doing it the slider posts approach you describe. It is double the work since it means creating both a slider post and linking it to a regular post that has the ‘post in post’ filter. Even after that and creating a new filter and slider, the linked images go back to the slider posts rather than the intended ‘post-in-post’ post (way too many posts here). I added this new slider to the top of the test post so the test post now shows:

    1. the new sliderpost filter/slider shortcode (show_slider name=”catagoryfilter”),
    2. the first Weaver SliderPost shortcode (show_slider name=”catsliderpost”),
    3. the regular post filter/slider shortcode (show_slider name=”categoryslider”),
    4. the show_posts shortcode (show_posts category_name=categorylinks show=excerpt hide_bottom_info=true hide_top_info=true) that goes with the oirginal SliderPost shortcode, and
    5. a link at the very bottom that goes to one of the 4 original regular posts that display all the posts in the Museum category.

    Again, it looks like the filter may be causing the problems, maybe getting messed up by the shortcodes in the the posts it’s drawing on. The really strange thing is that the categoryslider (#3 slider and #4 show_posts, the original combo) worked just fine before we started messing with the header problem. When that got settled I noticed this problem had cropped up.

    I’m willing to give you admin privilege to the site if you want to dig in to see how I have the filters and sliders set up.


    I am still not 100% sure about what you are doing, but when you mention post in post that would definitely create problems within WordPress.

    If you want the images in the slider to link to a post, you can simply do a normal Post sliders (set to display as posts) with the posts themselves.

    In the filter used by the Post slider, select your posts, then set them to display as “Title + Featured Image“, and check the boxes to Hide the post title and post meta info lines, so the only thing that will actually be displayed will be the Post featured image (linking to the single post page).

    The resulting Post slider will look like an image slider, but each (featured) image will link to the single post page of the post it comes from.



    I’m embarrassed that it’s taken so much effort to get this fixed, but thankful that your solution worked perfectly. I don’t know if it was my setting the filter to use the Excerpt or my not having set FI’s for each of the 4 posts that caused the problem. But I did as you suggested and it works perfectly. The result is the middle section with clickable images on the homepage linked to the pages that display the posts for each of the categories. 

    Thanks so much for your patience and help

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