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    Is there a way to add hover effects to a link? I was thinking about increasing their size on hover?


    This is a cool effect: https://codepen.io/jesperkc/pen/YaGYRr

    They provide the HTML & CSS, but I don’t have the skill set to know where to put it :/

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    This is quite elaborate and requires making each letter its own element so you can animate the speed for each letter.

    but to change the bold and size, you can use simple CSS.

    If you want to apply to ALL links in an area, you can use general CSS like

    #content a:hover {font-size:120% !important; font-weight:bold !important;}

    If you want the effect only on some links, you can add a class to these links like in the html below

    <a class="myhover" ......

    Then use the class in the CSS rule

    a.myhover:hover {font-size:120% !important; font-weight:bold !important;}



    Yeah it looked pretty fancy

    Thank you for your help! I wasn’t sure about this part “#content a:hover”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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