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    On the site http://www.lavenhamliteraryfestival.co.uk we are using the hamburger menu for the full size display as well as in mobile mode. The only thing is it has come out as a mini burger and I would prefer more of a whopper. Is it reasonably straightforward to style the lines in the menu?

    It is implemented with the Weaver X-Plus Menu widget in a cell of an SO Layout Builder row in the Header widget. The menu is type Standard and it is styled using the Primary Menu options. Smart menus is set to on and the mobile / desktop switch is set to 2,000 px.

    WP 5.6.1
    Xtreme+ 4.0

    Thank you.


    Add the CSS rule below to the them Global Custom CSS Rule box to make it bigger on desktop

    .is-desktop .is-menu-mobile .wvrx-menu-button span {font-size:240%;}


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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