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    Site is finally up, but it is boring without pictures (none available, previously). Thank you, Weaver and Scrambler for all your help!

    Have seen sites with large fixed background picture, and text on semi-transparent panel in center (full site width), which scrolls, and contains all information. Can I do this with Weaver Xtreme or do I need to upgrade to Plus?

    Logo/Site Title graphic would be centered in Header Widget Area, (white background, full width) and Main Menu (I’m using MaxMegaMenu for Button menu). Would be sticky to top (as at present). Mission Statement, currently in Right Header Widget Area, would be moved.




    Weaver Xtreme Plus supports a full screen site BG image. That can be done with custom CSS as well (search the web).

    And you can make the BG of any area (like the content or a post) transparent. But I don’t really 100% understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Perhaps a link to another site that displays the way you would like with some specifics as to what it is that you want to duplicate could help us figure out more of what you are looking for.



    Please be specific about what are of the site you wish to add a background image.

    If you mean the whole site, then you can do that using the WordPress Background in Appearance > Background. Then you can put a semi transparent color in any of the theme area by using CSS rgba color in any of the theme Background boxes.

    For example typing the rgba code below in the Wrapper BG color box would make the whole wrapper semi transparent over the site background image you would have had before.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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