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    I figured out the why I wasn’t seeing the translations after changing languages. You do indeed need to wait for WP to update the  translations files. I forced that, and now I can see the Customizer in Dutch. Wow. Never thought I’d see the Customer translated! Very cool!


    AH – There is a VERY simple solution to this problem. Been staring us in the face all along. Been a standard part of WP for a long time.

    First, set the SITE language to Netherlands (or whatever langauge).

    Second, set your own personal PROFILE language to English.

    The frontend viewer side will display in NL, the backend admin stuff will be in EN.

    You could even create yourself a couple of logins with different profile languages to see the backend in multiple languages. But the site will only support one language.

    It would be nice if there were a way to split the frontend and backend translation files. But I guess that leads to more complications trying to get strings into the correct file.


    Nice and sensible structure 🙂


    Hi all, thanks for all your thinking and suggestions. For now I’ll either delete the Weaver theme language files or switch my user profile to English.

    And will wait and see what happens in next versions of Xtreme and WP.


    Nothing will change in the next versions, I’m fairly certain. The legacy interface is just that – legacy. It works, but because of the way WP now handles translations, it is unlikely to ever get updated to the level that the legacy interface won’t have mixed languages for languages that are now available in the repository.

    On the other hand, Weaver Xtreme 5 will have a new option for the Customizer interface that will be organized like the legacy interface, and that should eventually catch up with the translations.

Viewing 5 posts - 17 through 21 (of 21 total)
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