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    I am trying to easily have a way to embed Bible passages on my site. I also want to have it be a post that is updated each day (rather than a new separate post each day). I found this at bible.oremus.org:

    Using the oremus Bible Browser: a web API

    It is possible to invoke the oremus Bible Browser (the oBB) directly by making appropriate http GET or POST requests. This page briefly lists the parameters that are supported.

    Using the API

    The simplest way to use the API is to construct a GET request, for example


    It is important to note that the parameter values should be URL-encoded. In particular spaces should be encoded as %20 (although + also works). Alternatively the parameters can be set in a form and sent with a POST request.

    So the question is, does weaver have any built in features that can do this (the GET or POST requests)? Or am I going to have to find someone to write code for this?



    This would a question for @weaver, but he is recovering from surgery right now, so it may take some time.


    Thanks and not a problem.

    As I am sure many other Weaver users would, I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery!!



    GET and POST generally require custom PHP to handle. Not something to be done with HTML.

    I suppose one could create a totally custom page in PHP to handle this.

    That said, it is possible there are WP Plugin that can do something with GET and POST.

    If used without proper recautions, GET and POST are also a very significant source of possible hacking attacks. All instances where the theme used GET or POST are carefully protected by appropriate mechanisms. I think that they are used only within the legacy user options interface.

    The example you provide does look as if using it simply requires generating a proper external link – probably manually in a page/post content. So it could be as simple as that – creating a link (HTML <a>) to whatever site.

    There is no support of user handling of GET/POST in the theme or the Plus plugin.



    Years ago we used a Plugin to provide Daily Bible Verses, albeit it was via a sidebar widget.

    Sadly, due to a lack of updating, the plugin became non-functional and we removed it and did not replace it.

    After checking, I see there are still a few Daily Bible Verse plugins available for WordPress, but whether they have a shortcode available to allow them to be used in a post or page, I have not checked.

    Since many of the available plugins are now old and with few installs, that suggests to me that maintaining your own unique PHP will be an on-going, never-ending job.

    So, perhaps working with an existing plugin (or its developer) for a suitable shortcode solution would seem to be a simpler way to go.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards and thanks!


    I looked a bit more at the bible.oremus.org site, and I’m guessing that site would not do what you want.

    If I understand your goal, you would like a post (but probably a page would be best if I understand your goal) that shows up somewhere on your site that would show a different verse every day??? Or one of a selected verse everday. That verse might be random, or from a selected list.

    The oremus interface requires that your site pass a specific reference for each verse you want to display. Constructing the link to that page would be fairly easy in PHP, but would require custom PHP and some fairly high level custom code. (That’s why I say page vs post. Pages are more fixed where/when they appear on you site.) But it would not be easy. First, you would have to know the exact naming format for each and every verse that might show. Then a mechanism for picking random? verses. And if you want the verse to auto-load, that is not hard, but the code is fairly complex. One way would be to build an <iframe> link dyamically (vis PHP) to build that URL to open a verse. But I think generating a meaningful verse specification each day would be fairly difficult. Like it might them me quite a few hours to get that code correct myself. And even then you’d end su showing all the surrounding content of that site rather than just the verse.

    So unless I mis-understood your goal, I think this is a fairly major project to do right. I think @hkp might be more on track.

    And I’d imagine yours is not the only WordPress site that does or wants to show a bible verse each day. Perhaps you could find one and find out how they do it. I’d guess otheres with the same goal might be likely to want to share the goal.

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