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    May the phone menus are not working as they should because I am running an X plus beta version 2.95.5?
    When I ticked Smart menus the sub menus disappeared and they popped out of the screen, if on the edge.

    The single product pages show product thumbs, e.g.

    I am not using any weaver shortcodes as far as I remember, certainly not for menus. Only the Xplus Extra menus in widgets.

    Will create a test page in a different site / directory.


    – For the menu
    “May the phone menus are not working as they should because I am running an X plus beta version 2.95.5? “
    No, there is no issue in that version, I suspect a cache problem or a plugin problem, run all the test I gave you

    – Your is-phone rule is working perfectly

    When I reduce the browser down to a phone size, the thumbnail div disappears, and the developer tool console shows your rule as active and doing its job


    I created a test page. With standard Primary menu everything is fine, Hamburger appears and works. As soon as I put  X menu in Header Widget and per page HW replacement, the vertical menu  appears.
    Must be the beta version dont you think?


    “Must be the beta version don’t you think?”

    I already answered NO to that question, and the version of Xtreme you are running is NOT a beta but a release.

    You need to do what I asked for, Specifically:

    Put your extra menu shortcode in the content area of a test page.
    Give us the link to that test page AND the exact shortcode syntax you used
    Actually put three versions of your shortcode, one with menu_style=’primary’, one with menu_style=’secondary’, one with menu_style=’extra’

    NEXT: Clear all caches, and deactivate ALL non weaver plugins Especially Caches if using any (plugin or service like Cloudflare), and tell us if that fixes the issue


     I said already I dont use a short code. I use the Xplus Extra menu widget in a pp replacement widget  for the the header widget area. type Standard menu, style Secondary menu.

    Here is a test page: http://www.irinaafrica.com/images/test/
    Since I ticked Smart Menus, I do see the Hamburger,  but it doesnt slide open.

    I deactivated all plugins potentially messing with JS, no change.
    Since the speed score of the X site is so much worse, 89 vs 97, I  give up for now.

    Thank you very much!!


    Sorry I missed the part about using the widget.

    Something is definitely messing with javascript, as I get several javascript errors in the Developer tools console.

    So using the smart menu is just revealing the problem in a different place (hamburger with no slide open versus always open for regular menu), but this is just because they use different script, so when the script breaks, it breaks in a different place.

    %c100 font: 1em sans-serif; color: white; background-color: #079c2d;padding:2px; Google PageSpeed Score optimized using https://goo.gl/C1gw96

    Test your website: https://pagespeed.pro/tests
    HTML1512: Unmatched end tag.
    File: test, Line: 188, Column: 9
    HTML1514: Extra “<body>” tag found. Only one “<body>” tag should exist per document.
    File: test, Line: 190, Column: 1
    SCRIPT5009: ‘jQuery’ is undefined
    File: test, Line: 209, Column: 1
    SCRIPT5009: ‘jQuery’ is undefined
    File: test, Line: 272, Column: 1
    CSI/tbsd_: 31,273.231ms
    CSI/_tbnd: 31,273.423ms
    CSS3117: @font-face failed cross-origin request. Resource access is restricted.
    File: Genericons.eot
    SCRIPT5009: ‘jQuery’ is undefined
    File: test, Line: 315, Column: 32
    JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.

    You have many scripts loaded on that page. I don’t know which come from plugins and is any are inserted manually inside content or head section, but it is key to test removing ALL scripts and deactivating ALL plugins at once (except plus) to be sure, and not just the ones you think could be responsible

    May be @weaver can better see what could be the cause of javascript breaking

    The errors also report some HTML error that do not seem valid.

    But given javascript is broken, I don’t think you can ignore it

    The usual suspects for which it would be nice to have a specific answer

    1- Are you using a Cache (plugin or service)? If so clear and deactivate

    2- Does deactivating ALL plugins (except “Plus”), AND removing ALL inserted scripts makes a difference

    3- Are you using any minify tools or equivalent? if so don’t


    Hi, I appreciate your persistence.

    I cant deactivate all the plugins at once, that would make 3 active sites unusable.
    I removed all additional css, no change.

    The fact that the phone menu works fine, as long as I dont use X plus menu extensions, tells an old HW engineer who is the culprit.

    I only use plugins that are essential to the sites.
    So far, X plus is not.

    Unfortunately the unfix menu rule doesnt work. Thats what I use:
    .is-mobile #header-widget-area.wvrx-fixedtop {z-index:998;position:relative;top:auto !important;}body.is-mobile {margin-top:60px !important}
    .is-mobile .wvrx-fixedtop, .is-mobile .wvrx-fixonscroll {z-index:998;position:relative;top:auto !important;}body.is-mobile {margin-top:0px !important}
    The white BG rule works.
    I would appreciate If we could solve this unfixonscroll problem, thank you!


    A few things

    1- if I go to your test page I get a Russian menu, is that normal ?

    2- “I cant deactivate all the plugins at once, that would make 3 active sites unusable.”

    That literally takes 2 minutes to test. I would think that making the sites unusable for 2 minutes, especially if done at a time of least activity would really not be a big cost to try and find out what is wrong with your site…

    3- “…tells an old HW engineer who is the culprit”

    The old engineer I am understands were you are coming from, but the menu HTML and script is exactly the same regardless of if it is the base primary or secondary, or if it is inserted by the x-plus shortcode. That combined with the fact that I do not have your issue when I create the same configuration as yours on my test site does warrant to look further.

    We have also seen that issue before and every time something was interfering with the script, so we need to eliminate the more likely cause first. This is also the easiest to eliminate.

    4- For the CSS, what page am I supposed to look at.

    The rules to unfix need !important on the position:relative (I updated the tutorial)

    position:relative !important;


    Thank you, the unfixonscroll works now.
    I have updated all plugins and the theme, thanks to @weaver, no change.

    I also noticed that my js thumb image hover on product thumbs doesn’t work any more in Firefox. But it works on the two Pro sites. The only difference are the Weaver plugins and theme.

    Had removed this js code from the plus Filter insertion area, no luck.
    All the “Safari by Country” pages load the menu in the header widget.


    Your site seems to be using some sort of CSS/Javascript “optimizer” that I suspect is causing issues.

    This particular plugin seems to be reading external CSS and JS files, processing the content for what is apparently supposed to be optimization, then emitting the combined files directly in the HTML output. This totally looks like a recipe for disaster to me. These sort of optimizers rarely accomplish anything measurable, and usually cause problems.

    I can’t tell who is “optimizing” the CSS, but you have a plugin called WP Deferred JavaScripts. If you get rid of that, I bet all of fixed menu issues go away.
    Note: @scrambler, please note this.

    We’ve yet to find a reliable “optimizer”. Just seems like they always break things, especially when optimizing JS.


    If that is it I had mentioned that in my earlier posts…
    “3- Are you using any minify tools or equivalent? if so don’t”


    @weaver, how much would you bet?  
    I had deactivated them all and particular Deferred Javascript had never caused any problems. I just installed W3 Total Cache, which has its own Minifier. That Minifier appears to cause more issues, but the interesting thing is, W3 TC reckons “Weaver Pro file structure”.  May be its meaningless, but is it possible that the 2 different themes in the Network are causing the problem?


    I’ve seen that sometimes uninstalling a cache plugin does not remove all of its files. You should not see anything Weaver II Pro related. Any properly working cache should work on any multi-site independently, and if it isn’t, it has a big problem. On Multi-Site, instead of data being generated on /uploads, it will be found on /uploads/sites (by default, maybe not the root site). That is where you need to check for possible caching leftover directories.


    I solved the phone menu problem by using the new per page Alternate Menu, instead of Header Widget and Extra Menu widget.


    Sorry, not solved completely, there are some pages, on the same site that has no admin bar, which show  no hamburger on a real mobile phone and where fixonscroll is not working on a real mobile phone  Like this one:
    http:   //irinaafrica.tours/private-guided-safaris/


    Can you elaborate, because when I go to

    there is a fixed menu bar at the top.

    Regarding the wordpress admin bar when logged In, are you using Cloudflare, because we found out that they deactivate it

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