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    hello – i am trying to install the new Xtreme theme – first i read the readme.txt file which only said:
    == Installation ==
    Initial installation: use WordPress Dashboard : Plugins : Add New : Upload to upload the .zip file.
    Will automatically be updated for the term of your license
    but i received the following message (below)  – also, are we going to be prompted for the key value during installation?

    Installing Theme from uploaded file: weaver-xtreme-plus-1-0-1.zip

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.


     You are trying to install the Weaver Xtreme Plus PLUGIN. Use the install plugin admin, not the theme admin.


    hello – thank you for not chastising me for missing something so obvious.

    i just installed in the MU-wp environment under plug-ins and i network-activated it, but i am not seeing any evidence that its installed, except of course under active plug-ins.  is the new xtreme now supposed to be an option available to every site?  i am not seeing it available.

    It  should show in Appearance > + Xtreme Plus, just under Theme options 


    not seeing it  – i have two pictures – the first is where i installed it:

    and here is my “Appearance” section:


    Multi-Site installation of Weaver Xtreme and Weaver Xtreme Plus uses the standard methods for any theme or plugin used on a Multi-Site WordPress site. It is important to remember that Multi-Site treats themes and plugins significantly differently.

    1. First, you must be logged in as a Superadministrator, and open the My Sites : Network Admin : Dashboard/Themes/Plugins pages to install themes and plugins.
    2. Installing a theme: Open the My Sites: Network Admin : Themes admin page. From this page, select Add New, and upload themes – so this would be Weaver Xtreme from the WordPress themes site. Once the theme has been uploaded, you should Network Activate the theme to make it available to sub-sites.
      In the case of Themes, Network Activating makes the theme available to sub-sites from each site’s Dashboard : Themes page. It does not activate the theme in general. And if a theme is not Network Activated, it will not be available to subsites. (If there is only one theme Network Activated, I believe it will in fact be the active theme for each subsite.)
    3. Install Plugins. Install plugins from the My Sites : Network Admin : Plugins page. In the case of Weaver Xtreme Plus, you will have to use the Upload option the first time to get it loaded.
      You now have two ways to treat plugins for your subsites. If you do NOT activate the plugin, then the plugin will appear on the Dashboard : Plugins admin page of each subsite, and the subsite will have the option to use or not use the plugin. If, on the other hand, you Network Activate a plugin, then that plugin will be activated for EVERY subsite. The plugin will NOT appear on the Dashboard : Plugins admin page of subsites, but it will be active. So any Dashboard menus or options supplied by a plugin should be active for each subsite.

    Special instructions for Weaver Xtreme Plus. You may use X-Plus in either mode – network activated, in which case it will be available for any subsite that has activated the Weaver Xtreme theme, and should display the “+ Xtreme Plus” menu under the Appearance menu. If you don’t network activate, then each subsite can selectively use it or not.

    Registering the license for Xtreme Plus MUST be done from the root site of the MultiSite installation, and done by the SuperAdmin. This means the Xtreme Plus plugin must be activated for the root site. Then, when logged in as SuperAdmin on the root site, the Activate License Key tab should be active, and you can enter the license key. After that, the automatic update notices should display just like update notices for any other plugin installed. Subsites will not have an active Activate License Key tab. Because a MultiSite has only a single copy of the plugin installed, the whole MultiSite is treated as a single licensed site.

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