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    I have a problem. There is a demo with “insertion areas demonstration” and I can see two places for widgets

    Pages Bottom Widget Area W1

    Pages Bottom Widget Area W2

    but I can find only one. Can you help me.



    You are confusing widget areas and widgets.

    This is single widget area, called Page Bottom, inside you can put as many widgets as you want.

    The way the widgets are organized is determine by the options in Main Options > Sidebar and Layout > Bottom Widget area. You can define a number of columns, or if you have plus any layout. 


    I see. Thank you.
    But I have only Top/Bottom Margins.
    1. Can I set special Left/Right margins only for one widget?
    2. Can I set another color only for one widget?


    Yes we can do all that with custom CSS, we will need a link to the page, with specifics about what you need to change and how


    It is only test site


    I use Pages Bottom Widget Area for 3 widget.
    I want:

    1. Set height of first widget like second one.
    2. Set width of first widget less.
    3. Set bigger right margin for first one.
    4. Set white color for background of second widget.
    5. Center the Titles of widgets.


    1. Given you have the plus version, you simply need to check the option “Equal Height widget Row” In the Bottom widget area settings

    2. Given you have plus, you can set any width you want for your widgets using the boxes under custom widget width. Read the thread below to understand how it works


    3.You can increase the separation margin by putting your own value in Main Options > Fonts & Custom > Smart margin width box

    4. If you inspect your page with your browser developer tools, you will find that your second widget has the ID text-9

    So you can style its background color by adding the rule below in Main Options > Fonts & Custom > Custom CSS Rule box

    #text-9 {background-color:white;}

    5. To center the title of all widgets  add the rule below in Main Options > Sidebar & Layout > Individual widgets > Widget Title BG CSS+ box



    I have Plus.
    But for 1,2,3 I change property for all widgets.
    Is It mean I have to use way like 4?

    For change background for only one widget I use
    #text-9 {background-color:white;}

    Is it correct?


    1, This will only apply to widgets in that widget area. You have two widgets there right now, it will make these two the same height

    2. Again this is only for this widget area, so decide what width percentage you want for the first  second and third widget.

    For example if you want a big first widget and two small one put the values


    remember to remove the value 3 from the column box

    3. This will set the widget separation margin globally, if you absolutely need to increase the margin in one place only, it can be done with custom CSS but it will not be simple as there are different rule for different device size.

    First try to see see if using the global smart margin works for you. If you really need to increase a single margin, post back when everything is in place with the details.

    4. The rule I gave you will only affect the first widget you have now. For oher widgets, you need to inspect the page to find the widget ID. We can help if needed.


    Thank you!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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