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    As the number of threads called  Infos and examples for Custom CSS rules (partxx) grows, it can be hard to find the various pieces.

    Below is an index of all the entries in each of these threads (starting from the last). The number is the one reflected in (partxx) of the thread name and it links to the thread.

    Remember to check the Whole discussion group for other tutorial threads http://forum.weavertheme.com/categories/tutorials-and-hints-from-users

    These were created for Weaver II and Weaver II pro. Some may still apply to the newer Weaver Xtreme, but most would not. Ask if not sure.
    There is a New Index for Xtreme Specific Tutorials here:

    There is also a new Site called Weaver Guides where you can find help and tutorial articles for Xtreme and beyond as well as Weaver Plugins.
    The new site is a lot easier to search, thanks to index pages as well as Search filter on categories, tags and keywords.


    • Displaying Images at their full size
    • Using really big images for header
    • Getting a Vertical menu with Pop out sub menus using an Extra menu Shortcode
    • Remove menu effect arrow on main menu item but keep on sub menus
    • Menu bar Hover effect that adds a bottom border to the hovered item
    • Extend content to the bottom of the browser even on short pages
    • Inserting a big piece of PHP code in a page
    • Creating a very wide header image that has a fixed height for browser width larger that the site width, but scales down proportionally for browser width smaller than the site width


    • Making Horizontal header widget areas stack under a certain width
    • Evenly spread menu items across the page
    • Center menu items even when they end up on more than one line
    • Center and Style the copyright notice in the footer
    • Centering Site Title and tagline
    • Get centered Menu Items with a search box


    • Putting vertical separators between menu items but not at the ends.
    • Moving both standard menu and its mobile slide open menu way over the header image
    • Moving only the Main Menu bar Over the header but not the mobile menu
    • Centering an extra menu menu bar
    • Cutoff  Submenu when extra menu is in header horizontal widget area
    • Using PHP in the Custom Info lines (requires pro)


    • Styling the search box
    • Hide something on IE
    • Extending background left and right of an area to full browser width.
    • Visualizing all the Advanced Options > HTML Insertion Areas
    • Multi columns content


    • Fixing size and left padding inconsistency in the Extra Menu using the menu_bar style
    • Changing applying a gradient where Weaver gradient is not available
    • Changing Header gadgets & Header Extra HTML X positioning from left to right
    • Layout and order of Header Insertion Areas


    • Alternate Method for [weaver_show_if_mobile] and [weaver_hide_if_mobile] shortcodes when using Responsive Mobile Modes.
    • Making footer widget areas unequal width. Use the percentages that work for you
    • Overlay a frame / image on top of the featured image.
    • Disabling Flow Color to the Bottom on a page.
    • Changing stacking threshold for Weaver 2 or 3 columns code/shortcode


    • Weaver @media rules handling responsive features for various devices
    • Changing the mobile menu bar height as well as the menu item in the vertical menu that opens under it
    • Make a rule only affect printing example with a padding rule
    • Creating a menu bar with right widgets and controlling full width at the same time
    • Display a marker image on top of Current menu and or the hovered menu
    • Styling the various menus differently from main
    • Removing the lines separation between the vertical menu items


    • Make the post text start under the featured image
    • Making the header wider than the wrapper
    • Create a fixed header and a fixed footer with scrolling content in between
    • Making Images in Header widgets not scaled to 100% of the table cell
    • Display the continue reading message inline with the text
    • Display posts in any number of columns on any page
    • Two or three columns stacked post (no vertical empty spaces between posts)
    • Make a shortcode content a link (ie header image shortcode)


    • Some styling for table cells
    • To free your site for the max width and let it take the whole browser window
    • Version 1.1 and up: Position Mobile View icon to the right like the Full View one
    • Removing the down arrow on menus with sub menus when using menu effect
    • Align Post title right without changing page titles
    • Move the Top menu bar between Header Image and Header Widget Area
    • Add Numbers to comments
    • Adjusting the Search box and search Icon vertically in the Menu bar
    • Turning the HTML left menu insertion box into an insertion area above the menu bar (need PRO)
    • Creating a Shaded Box with rounded corners including IE


    • Using three images (top, middle bottom) to create a wrapper with custom image border
    • Add IE8 Specific rules, use #ie8 class
    • Fixing caption position problem on images coming from a URL
    • Basic Styling for the Secondary menu bar
    • Disable text meant only for screen readers
    • Tweak Borders and shadow for featured images
    • Changing the Hover background of the Current menu item
    • Formatting bullet lists
    • Making the Site description show on mobile
    • Weaver mobile Classes for the Full View / Mobile view icons
    • Change Main Background image for a single page


    • Tweak indent on UL lists in widgets when the bullet style is none.
    • Remove space on the left of the menu bar
    • Make FS contact form plugin fluid
    • Put several lines in the footer credit line
    • Centering title or other text
    • Fiddling with the comment avatars size
    • Content table boarder control
    • Underline Link category titles
    • Weaver Body Class for each mobile


    • Post Title font size on the full post to be larger than that when displayed on the Page with Posts
    • Styling the page numbers on the BLOG page
    • Change links font size in simple horizontal menu
    • Place text over an image

    This is outstanding. Would it be possible to make this thread be a sticky so it remains at the top of the discussions?


    Thank you Scrambler! This is great.

    Eric Alvarez

    Great examples! thanks.


    Very nice. Thank you scrambler


    Really nice work. 🙂


    I don’t know what you mean, but this index is for old tutorials on the now obsolete Weaver II theme.

    Everyone should be moving onto Weaver Xtreme, all the new tutorials and conversion article to do so are on the new guide site

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