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    I have only just started using Xtreme Plus – 5 site version.

    I am working on a test site before I migrate to production, and I am getting the following message

    Your host seems to be configured to limit how many input form options you are allowed to use with PHP. This is usually controlled by the PHP max_input_vars configuration setting. The current value of 21000 is too small for your current WordPress and Weaver Xtreme installation. It should be increased to 22000 Until you increase the value, you cannot save your Weaver Xtreme settings using the Legacy Interface. The Customizer will still work, as will the options on the Save/Restore tab. Your site is still functional.

    I started at 100 and as you can see it is now at 22000 but I have to continuously increase by 1000.

    This is the message I received from hosting support.

    “We have disabled ModSecurity for the domain name digivid.co.za

    Should you still encounter problems I would suggest that you contact the developer of the plugin or theme for Weaver Xtreme and tell them that ModSecurity has been enabled and that the PHP max_input_vars has been set to 22000 and ask them what other settings need to be changed.

    Also check with them what version of PHP is compatible with their software.”

    What is wrong, please??


    My apologies!

    Missed an upgrade to the theme!

    All working wonderfully well!!


    make sure you update BOTH the Theme AND the Xtreme Theme Support plugin to their latest 5.02 version

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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