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    Hello again and thanks for all the great help here. I am doing a site for a primary/elementary school, temporarily on this link here

    The headteacher’s name and job role display fine in one line under her image for me on every browser and device I look at.
    However, she tells me she sees her last name on a line underneath when on a laptop on Internet Explorer. She didn’t give  me any more details but I tried the page on one of those sites showing your site in different browsers and the only one that displays it like that is Windows 7 and IE8.
    I do know IE8 is very old; I will politely suggests she upgrades, but it might not be possible and in the meantime is there anything I can add to make the caption display under the image on one line correctly – just for her?  🙂 
    Thanks again.

    Depending on browser settings, the font may be affected and forcing the text on two lines.

    I personally always sees in on one line, so you should check different computers and browsers, as she may just have bad settings in her browser

    If you want to change the caption font size you can add the rule below in Main options > Content Areas > Images > Caption Text color CSS+ box


    with the value that works 


    Showing the caption on 2 lines is probably not really IE8 directly related, but instead would have to do with screen size or the font size. IE8 is probably doing what it should. If the text doesn’t fit in an area, then it should wrap.


    Thanks – the font size is already 70% so I’m not so keen to reduce it even more in case it gets too small for all the other browsers and devices that view it. Her laptop screen size is 1366×768 so I don’t know why it’s on 2 lines. I’ll try to get her to update to a later version of IE.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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