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    Hello to all, and I’m extremely new to all this! I’ve had a WordPress built site since maybe October of 2014, and just recently I’ve upgraded it to a self-hosted site through Bluehost, while still using the WordPress setup. I found your Weaver Xtreme theme and I really love it! There’s only one problem that I have with it, and that’s the text color of the data the theme automatically inserts into each of my blog posts (the date, author of post, etc.) The color is very faint against my background and I would like to change it.

    Before you read further, let me explain that I’m just now working my way through some coding tutorials at W3Schools. I’ve finished html and am now studying through the CSS. I’m really hoping that this is something that I can easily do without screwing up the code! I looked through what I thought would be the proper place (Page with Posts template) in the editor, but I have to admit, very little of it seemed familiar to me. Is this something I can do, or is it way beyond my capability? If I could even find the proper code, I could just change the text color to what I wanted using the html/css reference pages I have from W3Schools.

    date author… are what are called Post Info lines, no need for custom CSS here, they have their own options 🙂

    Settings for them are in Main Options > Post Specific > Post Meta Info area. There you have text color option for top and bottom info line, as well as Post info link colors for the text that are links   


    Omg, I love you! I should have come to it myself, I changed the link colors in my content and widgets by using this page! I guess what the me off was that when I first clicked on the theme options it was on the menu showing all the sub themes and I didn’t look much farther! Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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