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    Thank you for a lovely theme, I am very satisfied with it.  Just have i little issue right now.
    I am styling my website in Theme options, and I usually never notice anything wrong at all.

    But since I updatet to the latest version, I have had to log out of the WordPress backend, and log in again, to SEE the changes, even if I save current changes.
    It is not shown when I stay ind WordPress without logging out, opening a site or refreshing the url.

    Have you heard of this before?  What can be wrong?

    I use the latest wordpress 4.2.2 , and your theme Weawer Xtreme 1.2.4 (plus 1.2.2)

    Let me know if you need more information about my other acticitys in the dashboard, to help me find the reason for the issue.
    And if you need to see a list of my plugins.

    Greatings from Anne-Lise in Denmark


    We have not heard about that before.

    The developer is away for a few days, but in the mean time you should read the FAQ below


    You may also try to deactivate ALL non weaver plugins and see if that makes a difference.

    If none of that provides a solution, you may want To:

    • Save your settings in Save / restore, as well as download a copy, both in Save / Restore > Download All settings, and in + Xtreme Plus > Save restore > Download All settings.
    • Then switch to a different theme.
    • Delete all weaver theme and plugins
    • Redo the latest WOrdpress Update in Appearance > Update.
    • Reinstall the Xtreme theme, the Xtreme Theme support plugin and the Plus plugin.

    All your settings should automatically be active again, the backups are for safety


    Thanks. It will take me some time to get through, but I will be back with the result.

    Greatings from Anne-Lise


    This sounds like a caching issue to me. Try looking at the site via a different browser where you are not logged in.

    Could be either WP caching or browser caching.


    We have the exact same issue.


    And are you using a cache plugin, and if so have you tried to clear the cache or / and deactivate the plugin?



    I just noticed in your first comment  that you said: “without logging out, opening a site or refreshing the url”

    So, if you just “refresh the url”, which I would understand to mean “reload the page”, is that all that is needed to see the settings? Do you mean by “Opening a site” simply opening a new browser window with the site’s url, or even opening a new page?

    Unlike the automatic refresh you can see of a site when it is open in a Customizer window,  you really do have to refresh the site’s page in the browser to see the changes. We’ve never heard of actually having to login out of WP, then re-login to be necessary, but depending of which cache you might be  using, it is possible there still could be a cache problem.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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