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    Okay, this is will be a multi post thread. As I said Elementor while sounding cool and somewhat easy to use has numerous drawbacks. So I’m going to rebuild several of my pages using Weaver and what to help me build blocks/containers? Guttenberg?

    Are we still thinking 1000px wide for the website?

    Oh, and we’re still on Weaver Extreme 4.0?

    More to come, thanks for your help on these three questions.

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    The block editor (default editor in WordPress) is worth learning as it will make it easier to create more complex layouts

    The width is a design question so a matter of taste. That said, these days devices have high resolutions so the trend is for wider or full width sites all of which is easily handled by Xtreme

    Current Xtreme theme version is 5.0.7



    My website seems to hover in the middle of the monitor, so wanted it bigger. I was looking at some sites, but couldn’t find widths in the inspector.

    So theme with Weaver, block editor for content.

    My site feels dated, thus my experiment with Elementor, but I had nothing but tears after hours of work.


    You can have a fix width using the Wrapper width option, like 1200px, or you can set the Wrapper align area to “full width” for a full width site, or “align wide” for full width with some space on the side.

    And you can combine both by setting the site to a fixed width like 1200px, but then ask some are like the header area or just the menu to be aligned “Full Width”

    Below is a guide article detailing the various options and method for full width designs

    Full Width Designs – Weaver Xtreme Guide (weavertheme.com)



    Thank you. This is exactly what I needed and didn’t know I needed. This is why I love this group and Weaver.

    Any idea what I should create for my header size? 1200px?


    Again, esthetic preference, check websites online and get some inspiration.

    There is also a showcase subforum where you may find ideas


    I was chatting with a group of authors that create sites, and they recommended 2000 x 1000 just for FYI in case anyone wants to know.

    Since I’m building new pages, I’ll eventually need to use the old pages permalinks, and I’ve forgotten how to do that. (Truly, I’ve been pretty sick, not COVID, and when I don’t work on something for awhile, it escapes my brain). Sorry for the newbie question. But apparently I’m not phrasing is correctly in my search engine.




    I read your comments yesterday, and can understand the 2kx1k suggestion.

    However I am just curious, and since these are your own sites, you no doubt know what the distribution of visitor devices is across your site, and I wounder if that ought to have a large bearing on your decision making.

    For example, Google tell us that we have 15% Desktop, 7% Tablet and 77% Phone users, and the desktop %age continues to steadily drop while the Tablet %age is static.

    A while back I made the decision to make sure the Phone experience is the priority and is as good as I can get it…

    On tablets, (e.g. iPad), I am sure most users get the desktop version, but still, the 77% of the audience is an important %age.

    Just sharing a thought….   😀

    Regards and thanks,



    I agree with you, and I’m working on learning how WP optimizes a current site to scale properly. I know it works, I just don’t know the magic yet behind it. I’m catching up on so many projects including my 11th novel and so my time is more scattered than I’d like. I used to really love building and modifying my website, but now I feel behind and the need to be current. Let’s stay in touch, and perhaps people will become engaged with this discussion over scaling for different platforms.



    Actually, the optimization of the site for tablet and phone is done by the Theme.

    thankfully XTreme does a great job of it, and offer many tools and options to adapt the layout to the various device sizes.

    That said when creating content like multi column, if using blocks, you need to make sure they handle changing the number of columns for the various device sizes properly.

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