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    Pentti Kinnunen

    First I love Weaver Extreme because it is the only theme I’ve found wich give enough possibilities to design without coding and it have the possibility with pages with posts. I have used Weaver for several years.

    Now I can’t see my images in the front-end and sometimes not even in back-end. That is on my computer. In spite of that the immiges is visible on my phone! GIF:s works better than JPG:s.

    Can it be lack of some memory by my computer or by my webbhotel? Or anything else?





    Are you saying it is only on your computer and not others.

    If on all computers, make sure you are not using lazy load from jetpack, it is known to cause problem.

    If only on your computer, have you tried different browser to see if it would be computer & browser specific?



    Pentti Kinnunen

    I’ve now tried Safari and there I can see the pictures. In Firefox and Chrome (I usually use Chrome) I can’t se the pictures. I have no other computer easily available.

    Can somone here just test this link: https://pentti.info/lchf/
    A short way down there is a few pictures.



    It is likely because your site uses https, but these images’ URLs are using http, and tare therefore deemed unsecure by the browser.

    If I go in the browser developer tools, I actually get the errors below

    1. SEC7111: [Mixed-Content] The origin ‘https://pentti.info’ was loaded in a secure context but tried to load an insecure image resource at ‘http://media9.pentti.info/2018/09/Höger-utsida-intill-lilltån-300×206.gif’.
    2. SEC7111: [Mixed-Content] The origin ‘https://pentti.info’ was loaded in a secure context but tried to load an insecure image resource at ‘http://media9.pentti.info/2018/09/Höger-fot-efter-läkning-249×300.gif’.

    Once  site uses https, you must make sure no content uses http, but all content uses https. If too hard to find them all, there are plugins for that on wordpress.org  (like the one below)



    Pentti Kinnunen

    Thank you, @scrambler! I had my immages on a http://mediafile and changes the searchway to https://mediafile. Then it seems to work.

    And thank you for the link to the plugin. I didn’t use it this time, but could be useful in the future.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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