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    I am running Xtreme 4.4.5 and WordPress 5.7. I do not think this is an Xtreme problem in itself, but my hope is you have insight on the issue that may help.

    I installed the Jetpack plugin and it created (as I understand it) some author links at bottom of each post – see example at https://davidsplace.org/milestones/  I did not like it and uninstalled Jetpack, but the footing content remains. I have searched every place I can think of, but cannot find how to remove all content at bottom, beginning with ‘About The author.’ I can hide this with

    div#\ author-info {
    display: none;

    but I would like to clean this out of the website. Any tips or insight will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.



    in Customizing ▸ Visibility > Post Specific

    You will find a few things.

    Post meta info lines visibility (Top and bottom one)

    Author Bio visibility

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    A BIG thanks! Obviously, I had not searched thoroughly enough and had made incorrect assumption on how it happened. Xtreme is a powerful theme and my favorite. Thanks for the help.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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