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    I used to have a page with posts where the latest news are inserted. Now the page can not be found among the pages. The posts are available. It seems that the page still is in the database since the menu item is pointing to it. Latest posts and archieve widget shows Sorry, no such page. I use Weaver xtreme theme last available version 4.2.2, WP 4.9.7. It is a multisite.

    My question is – is there a way to recreate the page with posts using all the available posts. The page is not the front page . The URL is  https://styrso.nu/bastu/ . The page with posts is called Senaste nytt.

    Much obliged for a quicker solution than rewriting it all from the beginning.

    Ingerger Jansson


    Sorry, I found the missing page. It is completely empty as it should be. It has gone almost 3 years since I created this solution and I had forgotten how it worked.

    When I changed Settings Reading Posts Page to Senaste nytt it worked again. But I got a message saying

    WARNING! You have the Dashboard:Settings:Reading Posts page: option set to this page. You may intend to do this, but note this means that only this page’s Title will be used on the default WordPress blog page, and any content you may have entered above is not used. If you want this page to serve as your blog page, and enable Weaver Xtreme Per Page options, including the option of using the Page with Posts page template, then the Settings:Reading:Posts pageselection must be set to the — Select — default value.

    Homepage is set to Hem.

    After changing the value back to Select again in Settings Reading Posts and now  it still works. In the end I have really not changed anything but the widgets for Latest news and Archives are finding the posts.

    I am happy with the problem solved but confused why setting and resetting the Posts value in Settings Reading could do he trick.

    Ingegerd jansson


    Guide article on the subject

    Your Site’s Home Page


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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