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    Right now, when I attempt to upload a 20 minute mp3, I get an error — Exceeds Maximum Upload file size limit of  2 Mb.  I need to increase the file size.  I found a place on a WP forum that says:
    add this code to the theme’s functions.php file:

    <code class=”php plain”>@<code class=”php functions”>ini_set<code class=”php plain”>( <code class=”php string”>’upload_max_size’ <code class=”php plain”>, <code class=”php string”>’64M’ <code class=”php plain”>);
    <code class=”php plain”>@<code class=”php functions”>ini_set<code class=”php plain”>( <code class=”php string”>’post_max_size’<code class=”php plain”>, <code class=”php string”>’64M’<code class=”php plain”>);
    <code class=”php plain”>@<code class=”php functions”>ini_set<code class=”php plain”>( <code class=”php string”>’max_execution_time’<code class=”php plain”>, <code class=”php string”>’300′ <code class=”php plain”>);

    OK.  I know where that file is.  What I’m not sure of is:   Do I add the code to the TOP of the page?
    Or to the BOTTOM of the page?  Do I leave the little numbers at the beginning of each line?  Or remove them?  Can I just copy and paste THIS  code to the file, as is?
    Thanks in advance for your assistance!

    I don’t really know which forum to put this question in.
    Sybil Watts


    UMM? I don’t know how all those extra lines got in there!!!  What I thought I was pasting was ONLY 3 lines.  Sorry.



    @weaver may want to comment if this is really a theme issue, but if it is, you should never edit theme files directly or you will loose all your modifications in the next update.

    If you actually need to edit theme files, you need to do it Via a Child Theme, and have the function.php changes in the child theme.


    Thanks, Scrambler,  for your prompt reply. I think it is probably NOT a theme issue, just the WP said to put the code into the “theme functions.ini file” and I wasn’t gonna do that without a nod from the theme developer. SO. . .  Other suggestion for adding audio to the site?

    Well darn!  I was afraid you were gonna say that.  I thought adding that bit of code would be an easy fix.
    I have no idea, really, how to create a child theme.  I’m not even sure I want to put that much time and energy into it.
    This site is WAY past due for an upgrade. And I really don’t have the confidence that I’m competent to do it on my own, although it is a pretty simple site.  I need to move up from Weaver Pro II, to whatever is the most current and relevant version of Weaver themes.


    Have you tried uploading using FTP from the Cpanel?

    Have you considered hosting the sound file on a site made for that like soundcloud?



    Also below is a link to a place that gives several ways to increase file upload size. and one is editing the file php.ini that has nothing to do with the theme and could be done via the cpanel.

    If you are not comfortable with this you can also ask your provider to do it for you




    No. Hadn’t thought of those solutions.  They didn’t co

    me up in my search. Will check them out.  THANKS>

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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