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    I know that this has been discussed already at the forum but I could not find the topic, I’m sorry – so again …
    How can we hide the “time stamp” to be sown when a user hovers over the published date at an article or a page with posts?
    I don’t want to hide tool tips in general, so the solution I’m looking for should be limited to the “time stamp” tool tip at the meta data section.
    Many thanks again for you help!

    If you mean the small tool tip that shows the time when you hover on the date in the meta info line, it comes from the Title attribute of the link.

    I can think of no way to remove an html attribute with CSS, I believe it would have to be done in the template which means a child theme and PHP editing.

    Unless a filter could do the trick but @weaver would have to comment on that.


    I would like to avoid a child theme, but I can handle this so I rather wait for @weaver if he knows if a filter can help!? Thank you @scrambler!


    I had same issue, as well as not wanting the post date to be a hyperlink.

    I added Posted on %month% %day%, %year% in the box for Top Post Info Line under Main Options > Post Specifics > Custom Post Info Lines.

    Though not necessary since the above replaced the whole post date, I did check off Hide Post Date under Main Options > Post Specifics > Post Meta Info Areas.


    There is no way I know short of some non-trivial custom JavaScript to selectively hide the tool tip.

    There might be a plugin available to do that, but it would require a per link class to selectively hide the tool tip.

    I think that rebuilding the meta info line like @GR8FL mentioned is actually the best solution

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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