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    Since you mention upgrading…

    I honestly don’t remember how I ended up using Weaver II Pro. I don’t remember if it was a friend’s recommendation or if I stumbled across it or what. Is Weaver Xtreme the replacement? And is it still being actively supported? Would going for a Weaver Xtreme upgrade be my best course?

    I see that there isn’t even a discount offered for Weaver II Pro people to upgrade. And the upgrade process seems sort of complicated. So I was wavering.



    Weaver Xtreme is being actively supported.

    Weaver Xtreme II is now very old, and it is possible it has security issues (none known, but…).

    There was an upgrade tool, but it is not available or supported any longer.

    I’m not sure what Weaver II Pro options you might have used – perhaps some per page or per Post options. These don’t convert very well.

    You could keep on using Weaver II, but it is possible it might break given changes in WordPress and the versions of PHP now being used.

    It is not a bad idea to update one’s website every so often. Your’s could use some upgrading to take advantage of both wider page designs now available, and the improved mobile device styling available in Weaver Xtreme. You might even want to investigate other themes, although that can be a bit of a pain.

    Not a lot of perfect choices.



    Your Site does not seem to have any complicated design, so it may just be as easy to start from scratch using one of the Sub Theme that is the closest to your design, and then tweaking it with our help if necessary.

    If you don’t want to take risk, and take you time, you can clone your site in a Subdirectory of your main site, install and activate Xtreme on it, check a few subthemes, and then try and finalize the design.

    If that works for you, once it looks the way you want, you can just carry the settings to the live site.


    I’ll check it out. Thanks.

    By the way, just curious – why did Weaver II Pro become obsolete? How long is it before a theme becomes obselete?



    There no real rule it all depends if the developer decides the changes in WordPress and current technology warrants a complete rewrite which was the case for Xtreme.

    I don’t think there is any plans for a successor to Xtreme, but @weaver will be better placed for that ๐Ÿ™‚


    Oh. Weaver Xtreme is free. I didn’t realize that. That certainly makes it easy to try! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just updated my site to use Weaver Xtreme and it basically “just worked” though I needed to re-upload my header image.

    There are a couple of oddities I wonder if I can ask about here:

    1. The header doesn’t look like the preview when editing. For example, in the preview, the items “Doug Reports, Home, About, …” are below the image, but after saving they appear above the image. Why is that?
    2. There is a “Manage Subscriptions” item there I don’t remember because there is a separate Subscribe link there already. How might I get rid of it?

    Also, while it’s sort of cool that the banner image stretches out to the full width of the browser, I’m wondering if there is a way of setting a limit on it because it can be quite jarring if the browser is very wide.


    1. Your menu is using the option fixed on top so it stays there. Go to Main Options > menus > Primary menu bar and use “not fixed” instead
    2. If the managed subscription was not in your menu, it is probably because you need to redo the Custom Menu

    Go to Appearance > Menu, and check if you have a custom menu defined with the proper items. If you do, make sure it is allocated to you primary menu using the check box at the bottom

    If you have no custom Menus define, create one and select / organize the various items you want on it, and make sure to allocate that menu to the primary menu before saving

    3. You can select various alignment mode for the header image in Main options > Header > header Image > Align item try them all and if none do quite waht you want, post back and we can explore other options.

    Full width items are one of the big new features in Xtreme. You can make any part of the theme full width or alignwide.


    NOTE: Once you start changing options, do not change sub theme anymore, or you will lose all your changes


    Everything you suggested was easy to fix. I even figured out how to adjust the alignment of my primary menu. Thanks!

    I don’t know what a “sub theme” is. Have I actually set one? Oh! I see them. But now it’s too late to experiment with them, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    You know, with all these features, I don’t know why anybody would bother with Twenty TwentyTwo or those other themes.




    Given you are close enough, no need to bother with sub theme, you will be able to change whatever you need from there.

    If you want, you can also explore the new way of changing options in an interactive way (real time preview) using Appearance > Customize, instead of the Old Admin Option pages.

    When you enter the customizer, first change it to “Where” mode instead of “What” mode. This will be more in line with the logic of the old admin page.

    When using the customizer, make sure you don’t also open the old Admin option pages in a different browser TAB, as saving from both with create conflicts.

    have fun poking around and trying all the options ๐Ÿ™‚

    Last, you should install the Weaver Xtreme Theme Support PLUGIN if not already done, and explore the new Page and post editing page Xtreme option there…


    WordPress has changed radically in the past few years. It is moving towards being totally Block based. I personally think it is a mess.

    I was setting up a new WP site for a friend, and hit the new Block based interface for Plugins. I was totally lost, and couldn’t make any sense of what was going on. Fortunately, there was a plugin to revert to the old interface. And everything is headed that direction, no matter what.

    There is a totally new block-based theme interface that WP is pushing for all new themes. I suspect that that may become required in the very near future, even though support for legacy themes will continue for a very long time, no doubt. But it does mean that is will become difficult to maintain meaningful support for legacy themes. A lot will depend on continued support for legacy WP interfaces using plugins like the Classic Editor plugin and the classic widget interface.

    So, there are no plans for a next generation of Weaver Xtreme. I will continue to support it for as long as that seems feasible, but I suspect that can’t go on forever. Just too much effort to keep up with the radical new direction of WP.


    I know the editor changed some years ago to what seems to be a block editor. But I don’t know really what is meant by block design or block editing beyond that.

    I hope Weaver doesn’t disappear. ๐Ÿ™

    I haven’t checked out the plugin yet. Will try to do that today (it’s morning here).



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