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    I would like to modify the default archive page layout in order to make it more look like my other pages.
    Modifications like Title size, may be an additional explaining text in the beginning and the sort order of displayed items.  Is there an easy way to do that?

    As an alternative I could image to create a new page using the editor, which then later can be used as template for archive displays.

    Can you give some suggestions?

    Thanks and regards, Tooni

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    Wordpress Archive page cannot be customized using the theme, editing the PHP files in a child theme is the only way that I know of (you can always check if there is a plugin that could)

    BUT, you can recreate your own archive page using a page with posts and format that as you please.

    But the default archive won’t be changed.


    Thank you for your answer.

    However, I don’t want to modify the PHP files. And I don’t have the knowledge to do this.

    Creating my own archive page using page for posts could be done. But I want to use that to show a list of posts belonging to a specific category. And having for example 20 categories would result in 20 pages, all the same with only one tiny difference. Of course, this can be done – however it feels somehow clumsy.

    I will have to think about which solution I like more: Living with the default archive page, creating some clumsy pages or looking for a plugin.

    Anyway – Thank you for your help!

    Regards, Tooni


    I have tried some plugins without success. As far as I understood they only work if the theme uses a special function. And Weaver Xtreme perhaps does not…

    So it seems I will have to use the default archive page. @scrambler: I know your are a CSS expert. Do you see a possibility to customize the title size (font size) and maybe also the title text by some CSS rules? If this is possible, I could be happy with the default archive page.


    Remember that you can also create a custom Archive page using a standard page with a number of SHowpost shortcodes to display different sets of posts with different filters and format.

    As for styling the default archive page , we can absolutely use CSS.

    Just give the link to the archive page in question with what specific changes you want to make, and I’ll look if feasible what CSS can be used



    For over 10 years I have used the plugin “List Category Posts” [CLP] with Weaver Themes and it has done exactly what you need.

    It only requires a piece of highly-customizable short-code on the Xtreme-pages-with-posts. The CLP customization documentation is extensive and easy to understand.

    I have not found it necessary to use any additional CSS on the CLP generated pages to make them look them look like the others.

    Hope this helps!


    @scrambler @User : Thank you for your suggestions!
    Both ideas (using the Weaver page with posts option or using a shortcut of a plugin) would require to create a separate page for each category. So, if I have e.g. 20 categories, I would need 20 different pages. I think this could be done easily at the first time, but in my opinion this isn’t a very smart solution and requires a lot of work each time I have to do a minor modification to the pages’ layout. I always have to do it 20 times.

    So, I would prefer a solution with a single special-archive page only, which I can call with an url-paramter, like: example.com/special-archive?category=cat1.  The problem is, that I don’t know, how to pass this url-parameter either to the corresponding page with posts field or to the plugin shortcode. And I’m afraid this is not possible?
    If you have a solution for this, this would be great!

    On the other hand, the default archive page does exactly what I want, because I can call it with e.g.
    exampe.com/category/cat1 and it will display all posts belonging to cat1. Same for all other categories.
    The problem here is, that I’m not able to modify the layout or things like order criteria.

    Regards, Tooni


    @weaver there is a problem with the forum.

    I received an email notification showing an answer from tooni, when I click on the forum link to the post I come here and Toni’s post is not there.

    On the home page of the forum, in the last page column, it also shows there is a post from Tooni 5 hours ago, but again that post is not showing up here in the thread.




    I got your last post (not showing here) in my email notification.

    Please give us a link to the Archive page, and describe precisely what change you wish to make, so I can see if there is a  CSS solution that could work for you.

    For the link  replace .  com by DOTCOM so the forum does not see it as a link as this may be what is blocking your post


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    @User: Thank you for your suggestion. I described why I will not work for me in a posting which seems to be lost. However – thank you for helping.


    The size of the title is following the Theme setting for the page title, so if you go the “content area” setting in “page title” and change the size there, it will change the page titles font size.

    That said there may be bug because I have tried changing the font size of the page title, and it does not propagate to the live site, it only shows in the customizer.

    , can you check changing the Page title font size from either the customizer or the legacy and see if that works for you in the live site ?

    In the mean time or if you need a Title size different on archive pages than on other pages, then you could use the following CSS

    .archive .page-title {font-size:1em;}

    To remove the description in the title and replace it with your own, you can use the rules below

    .archive-info::before {content:"Beiträge zum Thema: ";}
    .category-title-label {display:none;}



    Yes, I don’t want to modify ALL Title sizes. So for me there is no need to check what might be not okay there.

    :  Your CSS rules are working perfect. This was exactly was I wanted to see.
    Thank you very much !!

    Best regards, Tooni

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