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    This might not be an Xtreme issue, but I hope you can help anyway.
    How can I move the content to the right so as to make som space/margin on the left of the page?
    It’s a calender that is created by a plugin named “the-events-calendar.3.9.1”.

    Hope you can help.


    Did you create a child theme? or else your plugin is seriously talking over..

    All the weaver content structure is gone and replaced by the plugin content structure.

    As a result, none of Weaver content formatting option can apply, so you would need to check what formatting options your plugin offers, or inspect your page and create Custom CSS rules .

    For example, the content appears to be inside a container with the ID #tribe-events-pg-template, so you can add a rule like below to Main Options > Fonts & Custom > CUstom CSS rule box.

    But you should really check if you cant insert your plugin content with a shortcode in the actual content of a page, or if your plugin offers styling.

    Custom CSS should be your last resort

    #tribe-events-pg-template {padding:20px;}


    I’m using the ‘Plain’ subtheme. Weaver is working on normal (not calendar) pages, like this one (in fact the only I have created besides the calendar): http://www.nordoy.net/medlemer/ (This is just a “calendar WP installation”.)

    I have pasted in your suggested CSS, and it’s working perfectly. Thank you very much for your help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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