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    I know that we should avoid modifying the functions.php file. Is it possible to allow the upload of an apk file without touching the files “functions.php” ?
    For now, I used FileZilla to transfer the file via ftp.
    I tried, without success, where in the Weather II management settings I could change the list of allowed file types …
    Thank you very much.


    Allowed file types is not theme related. The theme has no control over this.

    Fiddling with this is something I’ve never done as it is generally considered a security risk to do so. You would have to check other general WordPress forums to see if this is possible.

    And if it does require modifying the functions.php file, it is not difficult to create a child theme. There are plenty of articles available on the web on how to do that.


    OK Thanks for that answer.
    I understand that it is dangerous to place apk files on a WP site. In fact, I created a small app myself (with MIT App Inventor) for Android. It is an app dedicated to the hiker’s trail of my little city. As I am also the administrator of the municipal site, I put this application apk for download on the site.

    The description of this application is there: http://www.hermenault.fr/?p=6944


    <h2>Manage Upload Types</h2>
    This plugin

    Manage Upload Types enables an administrator to see and change the list of file types that are permitted as file uploads to the media library. This is accomplished by adding an ajax-driven table to a panel on the Media Settings page.

    Manage Upload Types

    It will allow your media file to hold all kinds of EXE files and other WordPress won’t


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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