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    I created the slider group, posts, filter, slider, added HTML to the post and short code to Header Media (Layout), and the slider appears in the header. However, I’m still having the following issues: https://www.yanawanaherbolarios.org/

    1. Text doesn’t appear over the images. The following is the code I’m using. Can you tell me what I might be doing wrong?

    Building Community Healthcare and Self-reliance
    Our Mission

    2. There’s too much space below the slider. I have put all the rules in the “Per Slider custom CSS” Box at the bottom of the Sliders page but nothing ever changes. Do we just add these rules to be able to use the slider styling referenced here?:

    3. At the end of the tutorial (https://forum.weavertheme.com/forums/topic/slider-post-links/#post-56096) it says, “If you have the pro version of the slider plugin, then towards the bottom of the Slider option page, you have a “Per Slider custom CSS” Box , and you can put any of the rules there to remove unneeded padding and margins”, then lists the rules.

    Have I missed something as I don’t have a pro version of the slider plugin unless it’s included with Xtreme Plus? If not, can you direct me to pro version of which this refers, I’ve searched for the forum and web it but can’t find anything?

    4. I first wanted to only use the tools within Xtreme Plus but this is requiring much more time than anticipated. We want to duplicate the slider we created at https://yanawanaherbolarios.com/ on https://yanawanaherbolarios.org…which only took about a hour or two the first time doing it.

    Can you say if Weaver Slider Posts is capable of producing the same end features and functionality of the slider that we created at https://yanawanaherbolarios.com?

    And from your experience do you know if Master Slider WP Pro (https://codecanyon.net/item/master-slider-wordpress-responsive-touch-slider/7467925) is compatible with the Xtreme theme?

    I’ve exported the slider from https://yanawanaherbolarios.com/ as a .json file (YanawanaHerbolarios-masterslider-10-20-2018.json) but have no idea what to do it. Would you be able to advise?

    At this point I’m more than willing to pay the $30 for a 12 month license for the Master Slider Pro, build a new slider and be done with it cause this is killing me, Smalls. ;o)

    Thanks much for your help!


    I am very confused as the slider that is in the page you gave us is not a weaver show slider but something called master slider.

    Once I have the page with the show slider, I can check your HTML and tune the layout. And yes we can use CSS to get the text on top, but it requires some HTML and CSS. There may be other slider that can do that more easily. Show slider also does not have the navigation shown in the other slider you reference. I don’t see why the master slider would not work width Xtreme, but I have no experience with it.

    There is no longer a pro version of the show slider, the pro features were integrated into the base version a while back (after the tutorial was made…)


    My apologies, I’m not certain why it wasn’t showing a weaver show slider since it had [show_slider name=yhlinks-slider] published in the Header Media (Layout). I deactivated the Master Slider, cleared the cache and double checked my settings to make sure it was using the Weaver Slider post of: [show_slider name=yhlinks-slider]

    Anyway, at this point I believe I’ll try the Master Slider since it’s short code did work with the Header Media (Layout) Image HTML Replacement box and my client is familiar with the Master Slider and I’m hoping will handle future site maintenance.

    That said, we would like to have the main menu appear below the Logo, Title and Tagline and above the slider. Can you tell me if that is possible and if so how to do it? I’m familiar with the three Fixed-Top Menu options but am not familiar with anything that gives the option to have the menu appear between the two areas of the header as mentioned.

    Thanks again for your help!


    Have a look at this article.

    The only way to insert the menu between the Site title and the slider is with the Plus plugin, that gives you many HTML insertion areas and several option for the header widget area. For example, you could put the slider in the header widget area and set that to be after the lower menu.

    Or you could put the slider in the post header HTML insertion area.

    Without plus, what you would have to do is build your logo title and tagline manually with HTML, and place it in the pre wrapper HTML insertion area that is a standard option


    Which article? Was there supposed to be a link?

    On September 30th I purchased Weaver Xtreme Plus Plugin – Five (5) Site License – Weaver Xtreme Plus Plugin
    Weaver Xtreme Plus V 3.1.1 since I have at least four sites to either develop or redevelop. Would you like me to send you the license number or something else to confirm?

    And as far as I know I installed the .zip file correctly since I have +Xtreme Plus in my Dashboard menu and when I click on it I have all these tabs: Extra Menus, SmartMenus, Link Buttons, etc.

    That said, I’ve moved on from the original ideas and have done away with the Title and Tagline and am going with the logo but am not certain if I’ve done it correctly. It’s a transparent logo and I’d like to move it up to where the top of the logo is at the top of the header and level with the menu. I’m in Header Media (Layout) but when I start to move the logo up the menus disappears. https://www.yanawanaherbolarios.org/

    Also, there’s too much space below the slider/header and where the content begins. What’s strange is that in the Customizer: Customizing>Spacing, Widths, Al…>Wrapping Areas>Global Wrapping Area and Container Area it show’s how I want it but when I publish it doesn’t apply/save the settings to the front end of the site even after I clear the cache.

    And just now I got a message of, “You need a higher level of permission. Sorry, you are not allowed to customize this site.” Can you please help?


    Sorry, must have tripped on the keyboard

    Layouts and HTML Insertion Areas



    Now for your new questions.

    If you want the logo in the menu bar, there is an option in main option > menus > primary menu to add the logo to the menu bar.

    If you just want it to overlap the menu bar you can add the rules below in the theme global Custom CSS rule box. realize that as the browser gets smaller, your menu items will end up overlapping the logo.

    The space below the slider comes from the fact that you have set the content top margin to 190px, but there is also a lot of dead space in the slider itself. It comes from a div in the slider called ms-slide-info which is empty but has a set height of 100px



    Now about your last phrase

    “You need a higher level of permission. Sorry, you are not allowed to customize this site.”

    I am not sure what is going on, may be @weaver will.

    When you say it is not saving settings, if you go back in the customizer did your settings actually disappeared or reverted back to their old value?

    Also, if you use the legacy admin in main options pages, can you save there?


    Are you referring to the content top margin in: Customizing>Spacing, Widths, Al…>Wrapping Areas>Global Wrapping Area and Container Area? Because it’s actually -190 since that was the only way I could get it to come up high enough. But it’s only high enough in the customizer. When I publish it doesn’t apply the settings anyway. Is there another location for setting the content top margin?

    For days now I’ve had issues with spacing that appears correct in the Customizer but it won’t apply it to the frontend after I publish.

    Perhaps there’s something left over from when I was trying to use the Weaver Slider Posts that I haven’t seen.

    I’ll take a look at adding the logo to the menu bar. When I’ve don’t it before the logo appears as a very small icon maybe about twice the size of a Favicon.

    In Xtrem Admin I checked the Add Site Logo to Left of Primary menu bar but it’s too small. Also if I remove the logo in site identity of the customer then it won’t appear on the menu. And the logo appears twice. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks much for your help!

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    You can change the logo height to whatever you want in Main options > menus > primary menu > height of logo on menu.

    If you add the logo on the menu, you need to hide it in the header using main options > Header > Custom Logo > Hide Area > Hide on all devices

    While in the legacy Admin, do you have a problem saving settings there?

    The 190px margin top is on the container in Main options > Wrapping Areas > Container Area > Margin top box

    have you found out the origin of the dead space in your master slider?


    Thanks much for everything! I was able to change the height of the logo and hide it in the header, and fix the top margin on the container.

    In the legacy Admin I’ve had no problem saving settings. I don’t know why it had the extra ms-slide-info 100px height space. I ended up deactivating the Master Slider plugin, removed the short code from Customizing>Images>Header Media (Layout)>Replace Header Image with HTML before making the changes you provided info on and after making the changes reactivated, put the short code back in and everything seems to be working fine now.

    BTW, in regard to your question of, “When you say it is not saving settings, if you go back in the customizer did your settings actually disappeared or reverted back to their old value?”, what was weird is the settings were initially 0 but changed to 150 instead of -190 and I later saw in the Legacy Admin it was set to 150.

    It could’ve also been due to local client caching issues since I had lots of tabs open so I closed as many as I could to at least eliminate that possible issue.

    Again, thank you much for your help!

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