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    Hello All. I am super new to this and not sure how to do a lot of things yet, so I’m hoping this is an easy question.

    I am using the most current version of Weaver XtremeVersion: 5.0.7 as well as the current version of WordPress.   I basically inherited this website, so everything was pretty much set up before me and the person who set it up is not available for assistance in maintaining it.  So, I’m learning as I go and things crop up without any help really.

    So the issue is twofold

    1.  We have two “home” links on the page.  One in the menu area and one stand-alone directly below it.  Obviously, we don’t need two of them, but I’m not sure how to get rid of the one at the unde the one that is part of the menu.  Since it seems to be on the same line as the search icon, which we do want to keep, I’m not sure if I can remove it without removing them both? Is there a way to remove the extra “home” without also removing the “search”?

    2.  Our website has a header image and directly under that is a menu with links to Home, Catalog, Who we are, etc. and to the right of that, I would like to add three Icons for our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.  I would prefer them to be icons and not words, and not in a dropdown list but, I can’t figure out how to do it.

    I’ve been looking through all the documentation, but can’t figure it out.  I’m sure it’s something totally simple to do.   the link to our website is here:  Black Opal Books

    Thank you for any help you can provide.


    1- The Home that is Under the menu bar is the Breadcrumbs that is part of the info bar. It displays the path to the current page.

    If you do not need that but want to kee the search that is on the info bar, just hide the breadcrumbs on the Info bar

    Appearance > Xtreme Admin > Main options > Menus > Info bar > Hide breadcrumbs


    Appearance > Customize (in WHERE mode) > Info Bar (Above Content Area) > Infobar Settings > Hide breadcrumbs

    You can also hide the whole info bar, and for the search activate the search on header option in the header options

    2- For social icons on the Menu bar you have two options. If you have the Xtreme Plus plugin (paid plugin), then you can create social icons in Appearance > Xtreme Plus > Social buttons, then you can insert them using their shortcode in the Menu Right or Left  HTML area

    If you do not have the Plus plugin, you would need to create the HTML for the Social button yourself, and insert that HTML in the Menu Right HTML area.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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