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    I have created a page template in Weaver-Extreme.

    I am using ACF gallery support to build a gallery.  (Trying to use this product so site owner can easily create new pages in same format)
    In the page-template I can iterate through an array of images and display the images.
    How do I present this to the image slider plugin so that it will display these images in a slider.

    First you hopefully created that in a child theme so it wont be lost in the next update.

    Which image slider plugin are you speaking of, is it Weaver show slider?

    Are the images in question in the database, if so have you created a slider the regular way using these images, and is you question how to incorporate the result of the slider shortcode in your PHP template?

    If this is the question, @weaver would have to comment


    Sliders are always done via JavaScript.

    There is no API in Weaver or Weaver Show Sliders to accommodate direct manipulation of slider images via PHP.

    If your images are defined by a custom post type (ACF gallery, perhaps? I don’t know myself.), then you might not even have to iterate through the images directly, but could use a [show_posts] + [show_sliders] filter directly via a shortcode.

    This is a pretty non-trivial exercise. There are a bunch of different JavaScript sliders available, all with different capabilities and ease of interface.

    But this adding JS to custom PHP is way beyond the level of support.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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