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    Hello there!

    We use woocommerce.  We have been using the ‘Wvr-XPlus Menus’ widget in our main sidebar to show a list of all the product categories.

    It’s worked very nicely except that we have more categories now and it is getting too confusing for visitors to find what they want.

    So, for example, instead of having 20 different types of ‘Dellorto’ categories, we want to make another ‘top’ category with title of just ‘Dellorto’ and make the 20 different types be sub-categories for that one top category. …

    And once they have clicked on that top-level Dellorto category, we want the sidebar menu to show only all the 20 Dellorto sub-categories.

    I’ve made the new menu for that just fine ….but do not know how to assign that new menu to only all Dellorto sub-categories.

    We will be making 3 of these ‘top-level’ categories, and will want to show only the relevant sub-categories for each of them.

    How can I do this please?!

    Many thanks for your time



    I am not sure I follow.

    When you insert an Xtreme Extra Menu Widget, you can select which WordPress custom Menu to use for it.

    So first design the custom menu to show what you want in the way you want, then select than menu in the widget



    Thank you Scrambler ….but how can I select the right menu for the relevant product category pages?

    IE:  say we make now the 3 ‘top-level’ categories:  Weber, Dellorto and Su.  These top-level category links will be on the homepage sidebar.  When they click on one of these 3 links, we want the next page they land on to have a different menu  in the sidebar ….a menu that shows all the (for example) Dellorto sub-categories (but none of the Weber or Su sub-categories

    ….and if they click on the Weber link, then the next page they land on to have only all the Weber sub-categories but none of the Dellorto or Su subcategory links.

    The idea is to not have the very long list of all categories in the sidebar as we have at present:

    Hope that makes it clearer!



    I see, not trivial.

    You would need to create per page widgets (or widget Area) so that each page has different widgets in its sidebar.

    Two approaches.

    1- If the pages in question are archive pages automatically created by WordPress (no individual editing page), you can use a plugin like Dynamic Widget to show the proper widget in the proper page sidebar.

    2- If you are creating the Category pages with a page with posts for example, you can use Xtreme per page widget area built in functionality.

    • You first create a per page widget Area (bottom of the Sidebar & Layout option page)
    • Then add the widgets you want in it in Appearance > Widget
    • Finally select that per page widget Area as a replacement for the regular sidebar widget area in the page editing page options


    Thanks Scrambler.  I’ll have a go with dynamic widgets then as these are product category pages …so no editing available for them.  I think I can make it work, but it will be a big palava ….was hoping there was a simpler way to do it! 🙂

    Many thanks for your time!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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