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    How are you?

    on medicinapsicosomatica.com, I would like to use only the right sidebar. Is there a global setting for this or do I need to set it on every page individually?

    Also, I tried to change the font size to 18px , but the fonts stay small, no difference can be seen . I tried to set it to 50 as well, to be sure to be able to see a difference, but nothing happens.

    Please advise.

    Thank you very much,

    Kind regards,



    First I am confused as the site you refer to does not appear to be using the weaver Xtreme theme.

    this forum is only for site using the weaver theme, if you are using something else, we cant really hep you.

    If you gave us the wrong Site URL, please correct.

    In weaver Xtreme, Sidebar configuration can be set globally for each page type in Main Options > Sidebar and Layout.

    The global setting can be overridden on each page using the page editing page Options > layout tab in the sidebar drop down list.

    Regarding fonts, if indeed you are using Weaver Xtreme, there is a global setting on the wrapper, then this setting can be change on the various sub component, but we would need a link to the actual site using weaver and specific about where to look to be more specific


    Yes, sorry, my bad. the correct url is http://www.medicinapsicosomatica.es

    I configured the sidebar in the global settings. but the on page- settings are “stronger”? So I need to change every single page, yes?


    Thank you very much, kind regards,



    On page settings are indeed stronger, so if you had set the sidebar in there you need to change it back to default  there


    Thank you!

    And any news about the fonts?

    Also: I just noticed that the posts are not shoe¡wing any menu. How can I display the menus on posts?


    Thank you very much


    For the fonts I told you that you need to be more specific.

    Give us a page and say precisely what text in that page you are trying to change and what you did to try.

    Again make sure that you have explored the font setting option in weaver, starting with the wrapper font setting as this is the one that sets the overall fonts, unless setting for sub areas (header, footer…) change it.

    I do not understand what you mean byI just noticed that the posts are not shoe¡wing any menu. How can I display the menus on posts?

    Are you saying that single post page do not have the menu bar?, if so please link to a page where that is the case.

    If not, please elaborate and if necessary give a link to a page with the issue and describe what you mean



    thank you for the quick answer!

    what I was trying to do is change the global fonts of any body text to a bigger size on http://www.medicinapsicosomatica.es. I did change the setting in the setting option in main options – fonts&custom – fonts – Site Base Font Size.

    This did not have any effect on the font size on the site.

    Can I set the size anywhere else?

    About the menu: it does not show up on any post. example: https://www.psychosomatik.com/krisen-hotline-corona-virus/

    On the pages I did set the menu on a per page setting, but I cannot find that setting on the posts.

    Thanks for your help!


    The font size of the wrapper is set to medium. This is in main options > Wrapping areas > Wrapper Area > text font property

    It looks like you are using a plugin for your menu, if that is the case you need to check the plugin settings or check with them


    Thanks for the font size.

    I have switched to the theme menu for the german and english pages of the site because the plugin menu is not working too well. For that I had to set on each page which menu to use. Can I not do that on posts as well?

    How would I display the theme menu on post pages if i were not using a plugin?


    Thank you,

    kind regards


    If you are not using a plugin, all you have to do is allocate your custom menu to the theme primary or secondary menu.

    In Appearance > Menus, you select your custom Menu in the list, then at the bottom you make it your primary or secondary menu.



    the site is in different languages and i need a german menu on german posts, an english menu on english posts and so forth. Is that possible?



    I don’t know how you are handling the various language sites. If you have one site for each language with crosslinks, then each site would have its own language menu set as the primary or secondary.

    If all pages in all languages are inside the same site, then how are you handling the menus in different languages for the various pages, are you manually inserting extra menus in each page, or using some plugin to do that (in which case, cant the plugin handle post as well as pages)?

    There is no built in functionality in the theme to manage several languages.



    I did not built the site and am myself still trying to understand how and why things were done as they were.

    Xili languages is used and one language (Spanish) is an extra site that is cross linked. So I can do extra settings for spanish, no problem.

    Now, on the pages, in the per page settings, in Xtreme plus, I am able to set a replacement menu.

    I don’t find this option on posts.

    Since this option is available on pages, is there any way I can “copy ” it to posts or insert custom code to display specific menus?

    (It said on the bottom : “Per Page Code Insertion for Single Page ViewWeaver Xtreme Plus supports code and HTML insertion for some areas of the Post Single View page. To add code, manually define the specified Custom Field Name and Value. Click the help ? for more details.”)


    Unfortunately the option for a different menu is not available for single post pages.

    You could insert an Extra menu manually on each post, but if you (will) have a lot of posts, this is a lot of maintenance.

    The way to do it would be to choose an HTML insertion area for the menu, like the fixedtop area if you want fixed and all the way at the top. Details of all available insertion areas are described below

    Layouts and HTML Insertion Areas

    Then you can insert an extra menu in that area just for the post, using an extra menu shortcode (using the same style as the primary menu) placed in a post custom Field for the chosen Insertion area.

    You create the new custom field in the post editing page giving it the name of the chosen area (like fixedtop) and putting the extra menu shortcode in its value box like

    [extra_menu menu_name='yourmenuname'  menu_style='primary' menu_type='standard']

    Details on how to create a post custom field is found in the article below

    Per page /post Insertion Areas with Custom Fields


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