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    After several weeks of testing, we finally seem to be there.

    Here is the Release Candidate for Weaver Xtreme 4.4:

    Beta Versions

    Note that since WordPress 5.5, it is now very easy to upload different versions of themes and plugins to replace existing versions. This works for new versions as well as to revert to older versions.

    The Weaver Xtreme Theme Support plugin has already been updated to 4.4, and is compatible with both older versions of Weaver Xtreme and the 4.4 release.

    While there have been numerous changes under the hood, perhaps the most interesting things include:

    1. Redesigned Customizer section headings that are much easier to read, and help define sections better.
    2. For area typography options, there are three new options: text transform, plus character and word spacing options for each area.
    3. Adding Full Width alignment for the Wrapper Area, plus % based left and right padding for Align Full and Align Wide for good looking responsive sites.




    I just installed the release candidate, entered the customizer to check the menus. Closed the customizer without doing anything, and I got a Blank page with the message “Please select a file” in a white box…

    If I Hit the browser back button it takes me back to the customizer, but if I try to close the customizer, I get the same problem.

    So basically I can’t exit the customizer

    I closed the browser tab, and reopen the site, and this time I was able to go in and out…



    I can’t duplicate that anywhere.

    Sometimes if you’ve been previously logged in, I can get messages like that due to what I think are WP issues, or even browser issues, that seem to lose just where “back” is and get strange messages like that file message.

    I don’t think it is theme related. Could also be cache related.


    Hi Weaver,

    can’t seem to get the subtitle in italic, both in the Customizer and the Legacy options settings. Solved it with custom CSS.

    Otherwise this new version looks OK!



    Thank you. That was indeed a bug – just for the Site Tagline (as the “subtitle” is called in the options), and for both italic on/off and bold off it turns out. I think the italic shows up in the customizer view of the site, just not the real view.

    I think it has been there for a long time. Your report made it before I released 4.4, so that will be there!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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