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    Hello, I was sure there was a place either in the Admin Support for Weaver Xtreme or in the Customize area that I could set not only the color of links (before clicked/visited) and the hover colors, but also the color I want when a link has been clicked/visited. Has it been moved or removed? I might just be overlooking it. 🙂

    I don’t want that dark blue color that visited links end up being on all the sites I build with Xtreme. It seems to be a universal option but can’t find that anywhere. Any help to choose that color for each site I build would be so appreciated. Thanks!



    The theme does not set the visited color, you can add the rule below to the theme Global custom CSS rule box to set your own

    .wrapper a:visited {color:red;}



    Ok thanks @scramlber. I did use some CSS but yours looks tidier. That theme option would be a great addition to an update to Xtreme. 🙂

    Have a great day!


    There have been essentially no requests for adding a visited color option for links for many years now. I think that is because that design element is almost never used theses days on websites. You just never see a site change a link color after it has been visited, and we have no plans to add that feature.

    I’m not saying your goal is wrong for your purposes – but it has be come an archaic web styling element.


    @weaver It’s your project so I understand. But I did see at least one other issue here on the forum about needing that, so I thought I’d ask since it had been a while. Moreso, my clients want all their colors to match – some genres do want everything to match and I just thought that option was there. Also I couldn’t find it in the CSS, so I found some code to do the trick. Also Scrambler nicely gave me other code. 🙂

    So while I work in genres that would  disagree that is “archaic” I certainly understand you not wanting to take the time to add it. So no worries. Xtreme is the only theme I recommend and use for clients, so I may have to recommend another for those who want continuity. So thanks for letting me know there are no plans to change it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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