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    I am stuck working with my website, many times because some things on the Weaver Xtreme support site have abbreviations and other things that I’m confused with and can’t find.

    I think the helping site is great, because the WYSIWYG approach really appeal to me. Instead of plunching over tons of text, I’m pretty much a WYSIWYG guy myself, so when I accounter something that I don’t understand (how simple it may ever be), it interrupts my flow. Of course my brain damage stress and PTSD don’t help, but usually once I tried it, it pretty much stucks.
    I.e. on the post1 help site it mentions “FI” but I don’t know what that is. It also mentions a “page with posts” template, where can I find this template??

    Is there anywhere you could achieve quick help on very simple questions, so I can get more flow into my work..?


    FI stands for Featured image.

    Both pages and posts have the option of defining a Featured Image. That option is found in the right column of the editing page.

    If a featured image has been defined for a page or a post, you have different ways to display that featured image in the post or page.

    for a page, these options are in the page Editing page, in the Weaver Xtreme Options for this page section > Layout tab.

    For a post, the Featured image display options should be set globally in the Global theme optionsĀ  like Appearance > Weaver Xtreme Admin > Main options > Post SPecifics > Featured images (for size, position alignment…), or Appearance > Customize > Images > Post Specifics

    Then you can override some of these global settings on a per post basis by going to the post editing page > Weaver Xtreme options for this post section > Post/Blog Archive option Tab.

    The page with post template is like its name indicate, the page template you would use to create a page with posts.

    If you want to display a series of posts on a page (also called Blog page), you create a new page, in the right side of the page editing page, you will find the page template section, and you select the “page with posts” template in there. Once you publish the page, you will see all the page options that allow you to choose what posts to display and how to display them.

    Always make sure your site is not setup to use the WordPress Default Blog page (no options available for that), by going to the dashboard > Settings > Reading, making sure the Front page is set to static, and that nothing is selected in the post page drop down list (showing -select-)

    Hope this clarifies things

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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