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    We are making a forum for our site,  in it’s own wp installation as a sub-domain.  I’ve set it up very basically, but want it to have the same look and feel of our main site which also uses Weaver Xtreme Plus.

    Main site is:  https://classiccarbs.co.uk

    New forum site is:  https://forum.classiccarbs.co.uk

    If I download from the main site the .wxt theme settings download:

    theme related settings – the “<small>Save only theme related current settings to file on your computer. File: weaverx-theme-settings.wxt”</small>

    ….can I then upload the .wxt file to the new forum wp installation? ….and will that site then have the same look and feel as the main site? (I’m hoping! 🙂

    Many thanks for your time!



    That is one of the intents for using .wxt files. With the Weaver Xtreme Theme support plugin, you can save just the design settings (includes Xtreme Plus settings, too) to your computer, then re-upload the file to any other site with Weaver Xtreme.

    There are other site-related settings that may be relevant to the new site, but are more related to some behavior aspects (such as using an extrenal .css file for setting related styling, or generating the styles inline.)

    If you are using bbPress for your forum (as is this site), I would recommend using our Weaver for bbPress plugin. It is of course compatible with Weaver Xtreme, but makes all sorts of things essential for running a real forum very easy to do. By itself, bbPress doesn’t include much, but Weaver for bbPress make all sorts of admin tasks very easy.




    @weaver  Wow, so glad I posted last night …brilliant solution using what you advise above.  Very happy!

    I have one small ridiculously stupid question …I can’t find how get any forums to show on the homepage.

    Many thanks for your time



    Found it at last!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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