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    Not an experienced WordPress user. Set up website long ago and don’t know how to fix website look that was distorted after updating Weaver Xtreme theme.



    What theme were you using before Weaver Xtreme.

    When you change theme, all your settings will change.

    If you were using Weaver II (not weaver2.x), you need to convert the theme to Xtreme, it is NOT an update.

    Below is a tutorial on how to do that



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    I was using Weaver Xtreme. Saw there was an update and clicked on it. Not sure what version I had and what version the update is. I called my web host and they are restoring a backup of my site. Don’t know what I’ll do about ever updating Weaver Xtreme again, but I will be trying to find a backup I can do myself if this happens again. Really disappointed in the Xtreme theme.



    It would be helpful to know how your site changed after the update. Sometimes you may have to put the header back and the menu locations and perhaps the widgets. But that is pretty simple to do.

    I have been using Weaver theme on several sites for years and not had a similar problem.



    Do you have a link to the website?  It would be helpful to see it to understand.




    We need to know what versions you were running of:

    • The Xtreme Theme
    • The Xtreme Theme Support PLUGIN
    • If used, the Xtreme PLUS PLUGIN.

    If you updated to a new version of Xtreme, what version was that?

    Did you also Update the XTreme Theme support plugin, as it needs to be in sync with the theme version.

    Sometimes you may need to resave settings (going in Main options pages and or the customizer).

    We had one report where the wrong layout was selected after a specific update.
    After the update, go to Main options > Full Width > One step layout, and make sure “Traditional …” is selected.

    Again, we need a link to the site and details about what the issue was to provide some help / feedback


    [email protected]

    Thanks for your response. I paid my web host $50 to restore a previous backup. I will need help if I want to upgrade to the newer Xtreme theme without destroying my website again. I’ll look at your questions tomorrow and see whether I have the support plugin. Thanks.



    Once we know the answer to ALL my questions above, we can see if there is an archive of the version you are running that would be safe to reinstalled if you had an issue.


    If not, we can use the WordPress download link blow replacing 4.1 with the version number that matches yours


    But you should not have to pay anything to restore a backup, this sounds like a rip off from your host.

    You host should have a backup and restore tool in your Cpanel that should allow you to download your own backup and restore it if you need to.

    NOTE: In the future if you encounter an issue like this, just post here with a link to the site and details of the issue and we can get it solved quickly.



    There have been some changes to Weaver Xtreme absolutely necessary to keep up with WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg. These have required some internal reorganization, but the differences are mostly automatically applied.

    I don’t know of any real cases where simply updating from an older version of Weaver Xtreme to the latest one “destroys” a site. If there are changes, then almost certainly they can be “fixed” simply by opening the Weaver Xtreme settings and saving them.

    As Maureen pointed out, it is possible for WordPress to lose track of widgets and header images. This should be easy to fix.

    But the safest thing to try before updating would be to download a copy of the settings you are using to your own computer. Also, save those settings to the WP database (one of the save settings options). Now if you update to the latest version of Weaver Xtreme, open the settings (either legacy or Customizer), make some small change (change a color, then change it back to the original – you need to do this for the Customizer, but not the legacy settings.) Now if you look at your site it should look the same. If you’ve used some of the old full-width settings, it is possible there is some minor conflict with using them, but your site should still look basically the same.

    But given how much WordPress 5.0 is changing things, it is absolutely essential to update to the latest version of Weaver Xtreme for things to work properly.


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    Thanks for all your advice. I didn’t reply yesterday because I was tied up with something else all day. I’ll try to answer your questions, but I’m a little overwhelmed right now. I’m not a web designer; I know just enough to get by when all goes well. Now that a previous backup has been restored, I see that I’m using Xtreme Theme 3.1.9 and Support Plugin 4.0.3. Not using the Plus Plugin. I guess the newer version of Xtreme that it tried to update to is 4.1.

    When it updated, it lost the background photo on the Home page, which made the text much too wide. I thought it also lost all header photos, but I may be wrong about that. After the backup was restored, I saw that the strange coil or spiral should have been a Search box. I didn’t realize what it was and was confused when I clilcked the coil and saw what seemed to be some Google searches. With the backup restored, I still see Google searches when I click the Search box (should it do that?). I went to the Customize menu and saw “Restore Settings” but didn’t see how to save Settings. Don’t know what full-width settings means.  There’s a message about a newer autosave and an option to Restore the Autosave. I’m scared to click that. I’ll keep looking at the menus and guides, and how I can restore a backup if needed instead of paying another $50.

    Here’s the link to the website as it is now with the older Xtreme version: http://southeastlows.com/



    OK, so you definitely need to update to the latest Xtreme version, as the version of the theme support plugin (4.0.3) is not really compatible with your older version of the theme (3.1.9)

    Because you let the Theme and the plugin get so much out of sync may be why you had a few glitches, but we can fix them with you after you update the theme.

    Once you update do the following just to be sure.

    • If you loose the overall background image, Go to Appearance > Background and set it again, then click Publish at the top.
      This is a WordPress setting, not sure why it would go off, but it is simple to reset.
    • Then go to Appearance > Customize > Colors > Wrapping Area > Site Background color WP value at the bottom and set it to black, click publish.
    • Then go to Appearance > Xtreme Admin > Main options > Full Width page and make sure One Step side layout is set to “Traditional…” then click Save setting (even if it was set properly)
    • If there are any issues left, post back with details and we will get them fixed.

    [email protected]

    Thanks for the detailed instructions. I was able to restore the background photo and I made the other changes you posted. For some reason it now thinks my Heading 1 is a link and shows a hand when the cursor is on it. Any way to change that?

    Should previous Google searches show when the Search box is clicked?

    I added header photos so long ago, I don’t remember how I was able to put different headers on different pages. If I change one now, it changes all of them to that one header. Also all my headers do not show under “Previously Uploaded.”

    Another issue. I had never noticed that “Not Secure” shows next the URL until I got an email from my Web Host about getting an SSL certificate. I think there’s a monthly charge to do that. How much should it cost?
    Thanks.  Hope I’m not asking too many questions.



    1- “my Heading 1 is a link and shows a hand when the cursor is on it. Any way to change that?

    If you mean your site title at the very top, Site title have always linked to the home page (as far as I know) which is a good thing.

    • You can change the color of the link in Main options > Header > Site Title tagline > Site title color box
    • If it is just the hand cursor that bogs you we could change it with CSS while keeping the link
    • If you really do not want the site title to link to the home page, we will need to hide the default title using the Hide site title option, and add a manual title using the pre wrapper HTML insertion area.

    2- “Should previous Google searches show when the Search box is clicked?

    The search box is the default WordPress search box (not Google), I don’t believe it does that. There are ways or plugin to actually use the Google search on a site, it would have to be researched.

    3- “ I don’t remember how I was able to put different headers on different page

    You can change the header image on any page using the Page featured image. In the page editing page, select the featured image you want to use. Then in the Page option Layout tab, there is a drop down box for featured image where you can select Header image replacement.

    4- SSL

    There is a free way to make your site SSL compliant, read the article below on how to do that. Or you can pay your host to do it for you.




    [email protected]

    Thanks for all the help. I printed the free and easy SSL and will look at that. Didn’t find how to download settings, but maybe I can find that. Will follow your instructions to try changing some page headers. The Title tagline changed back to black so that’s no problem. Some of my past Google searches do show in the Search box, but I won’t worry about that either. I will look at how I can restore my web host’s backup without having to pay them to do it, or maybe buying a backup program like BackupBuddy. Thanks again.



    Saving setting is in Appearance > Xtreme Admin > Save/Restore page



    [email protected]

    I sent my web host an email asking how I can restore a backup if I need to do that again, and I thought I had everything else I needed, but….

    I followed your instructions to save the Weaver Theme settings, but I thought I had seen there’s a way to save all the website settings. Is there a way to do that?

    I wasn’t able to follow your instructions to change a page header; didn’t find the tabs or drop down boxes: “You can change the header image on any page using the Page featured image. In the page editing page, select the featured image you want to use. Then in the Page option Layout tab, there is a drop down box for featured image where you can select Header image replacement.” When I selected an image, all headers changed to that image. Sorry to be such a pain.



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